Sante: The Great Illusion of Well-being

By Fabi

Humans are like fish in the ocean looking for water. Though we are looking for Love, in the ocean of Love. 

The Wizard of Oz 

Abracadabra! And there was light…Once upon a time, none of us knew we existed, until we became conscious of it. Then suddenly, I appeared, then you appeared and the rest of the world came to be. The Greatest Illusion of Reality.

Just like you, I was confused and lost. The whole world seems to suffer from human marks. Other species go extinct while humans multiply. How can I not find my soul mate with such diversity and abundance in our own species!? How am I not satisfied with my career? My family? And why am I angry and afraid of losing it all? I must be doing something wrong. Does that seem familiar to you? Have you heard these voices in your head constantly commenting on your experiences like it’s a sport game?

Let me introduce you to the Wizard of Oz, the commentator, the magician behind it all. Let’s play a game. Ready? First, we should not need to think about it, so forget even about mentalizing, visualizing, connecting, channeling or any activity that uses the mind. Let go of your body for a second as well. Forget the past, leave the future aside, and don’t try to interpret what you are at the present moment. We are left with a vast spaciousness, which if you closed your eyes, you could observe. All sages are right there. Take a moment to try. That feeling of being here, being aware, That has no name, but it is constantly trying to take on many names. How can you keep track of it? Already many thoughts went through your mind while reading this.

From age 10, I started doing magic tricks to people and spent 10 years on stage performing in various shows. The key to being a great illusionist is simple: it is called misdirection, we tell you something that will distract your attention so that you can’t see the trick. Most people play along, but some rare ones can see the trick, why is that? They simply did not listen to what the magician said. Guess what, the real magician is You! You are creating on your misdirection, every instant, constantly directing your attention outward to external sensations. Be it friends, lovers, money, career, the environmental crisis, the Covid19 crisis, etc… Meanwhile, He enjoys the show of your misperceptions, put simply by your suffering.

Since childhood I played with perception and later I got into virtual reality and psychedelics. I seem to have been put on the path to reveal the tricks of this illusion, of Samsara. It took me 26 years, a car accident, being diagnosed HIV positive to finally see behind the curtain, and cure myself from the disease we all share. The Hindu and Buddhist scriptures may have gotten very close to explaining the inner workings of the Mind. It goes like this. Life, your body, is just a play of the 5 elements. Once you realize and observe carefully the interdependence between these elements, you come to see who you truly are. Maya loves to play with the 5 toys, but if you give reverence to them, instead of being affected by them, she will lose her power on you. 

It is through You that the illusion can be projected, not through anyone else. All else is projected through you. The sun only exists because your eyes exist prior to it. You only exist because I exist first. I is the only reason you, he, she or they exist.

The pathless path

It is said that we are all coming from different paths or perspectives, though we all share Death in common. The wizard in us, or Guru within, really enjoys the entertainment of colors appearing and disappearing constantly. That’s how He wants us to play, and thus that’s how the teachings of the book Santé! was imagined,  how could it have been any other way? No teachings can get away from the Mind, not even the Gita, the Upanishads or the Bible.

He started Breathing. 

We are just one breath away from Death. We may be able to live without Earth, Water, and Fire but Air is the first door for the creation of the 4 Elements, our Mind and our Body. I inhale therefore I am. The Yogic path of meditating on one’s Breath is key to merging back with Truth, That Space, That silence within. As long as Prana can enter the human body, Consciousness will feel like Being Here. We get to observe this everlasting present, day and night, past and future, life and death. 

And He went onto Eating. 

When the Air element ignites Fire, mixing in Earth and Water, we get the most hallucinogenic concoction which we, humans, call Food. That’s where the Mind of Consciousness is born, then The Words appear. “When I eat, I make myself sick, when I digest it, I heal.” – Rudolf Steiner. The 4 types of foods, Consciousness food, Volition, Sensations and edible foods are all poisons to the pure Self we are. Thus, today we have invented all sorts of practices to detox ourselves. What we can realize is that it is thanks to these poisons, what obstructs the body, that we can imagine all types of moving colors and images. We become the Wizard of Oz. As we come to experiment directly on ourselves, either fasting, purging or indulging, we eventually come to balance our Being, find the middle way, and accept who we are. 

Finally, He is Observing. 

Every morning, we believe we wake up to a new day of activities. The cause of this misperception is only due to our breathing and our eating. Our excess energy the Mind has tried to hold onto has invented all sorts of ways to entertain itself, like work, family, friends, relationships and the world out there we ought to fix. If a doubt arise, ask yourself. Who wants to change this Life? Who’s never satisfied with anything? There you go. The Mind. Countless thoughts and memories all due to these poisons we ingested. The real suffering isn’t the dream we observe instant by instant. The real suffering is when one thinks he is the actor in it, or the doer of the deeds. Life doesn’t need a Creator to happen spontaneously. When we say I or this is my house, my children, my garden, etc.. We create a separation within us, we invent an actor, changing roles constantly, and a world out there. 

Breathing, Eating and Observing Reality as it is (not as an actor in it) are the 3 angles covered in the book Santé! The Great Illusion of Well-Being. 

Being in Love is Santé! 

If you look up the definition of Well-Being, you will see how ephemeral it is. Just like ill-being. So, if a human body, well or ill, is ephemeral, how can it be real? It is suffering to live as a human body. Why would anyone want to continue living with this erroneous view of Life?

Santé is a book of spiritual revelations with 45 daily practices to guide anyone seeking his true home, the Beloved Self, the Love which we are. It’s a collaborative work which brings in perspectives coming from like minded beings from yoga, naturopathy and permaculture. It dispels the illusion we have on many levels, for many concepts. When one can read between the words, this book can be a cure to all diseases and suffering. You start to love Life from a different light. 

When I say I love you, I mean I chose you from the rest. To the Mind, loving one person and passing on the other 7 billions, is Love. The practices offered in the book as well as through our retreat and the Naturo-Coaching sessions are meant to dislodge our beliefs, accept our Mind-body, guiding us to Being Love itself, free from all separations, though remaining fully alive within this human body. In reality, we are all loving ourselves, our images, but we tend to forget it. So, “I” don’t love you. You and I are in Love. We are Love. 

From realizing this, Love wants to meet itself, through as many forms and sounds as it can. One of the sounds we came up with was “Santé!” and it started spontaneously as a book of many teachings, now it’s gearing up to acquire some land in a tropical area like Costa Rica to create a fruitarian eco-village. On this land, all will be welcome to retreat for breathing, eating, and observing nature with their Self, a community swimming in Love.

This baby is growing fast, and is inviting any like minded to be a parent, or a brother, sister and offer some willing hand to bring it to life. You can join us directly saying hi on our whatsapp group: 

Together, we are launching it on Kickstarter this month, in April. We are also doing some live dialogues about different chapters every tuesday on YouTube. For your readers, they can start reading the book preview here: Http:// 

Join the Love, join your Self. 

May you all be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.