8 Accomplishments in Life to Be Proud Of Completing

Before you come to the end of your journey, it’s essential to reach personal accomplishments. These accomplishments bring value to your life and help you realize just how important you are in this world. When you think of accomplishments in life, what are your first thoughts?

Do you think of graduating from a university with a degree? Do you think about becoming a volunteer for a wonderful organization? The most meaningful accomplishments in your life are the ones that hold the most value in your own mind and soul.

Although you may not know it yet, you’ve most likely accomplished several wonderful achievements yourself. Continue reading the guide below for a list of life accomplishments to be proud of!

1. Mending Relationships

Not all great accomplishments are stamped with a college’s logo on them. If you were able to take a ruined or estranged relationship and mend it, then that’s a terrific accomplishment! Mending a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean getting in touch with an ex-partner, although it could.

You can mend a relationship with a family member, an old friend, or someone else. When you’re able to talk things out with someone and get a few things off your chest, it’ll put your mind at ease. Even if you’re not ready to begin spending time around this person, it’s one step in the right direction that’ll make you sleep better at night.

2. Helping Someone in Need

Helping someone in need seems like a simple task, but not too often do people stop what they’re doing to help others in need. If you were able to put your own desires and wants on pause for a few moments to help someone else, then this is another wonderful accomplishment to mark down on your list.

Although you can visit your local shelters, and charity organizations to donate or volunteer, there are other ways you can help someone in need as well. For example, simply placing your own bags down to help a struggling mother trying to get the stroller in her car at the shopping mall is an easy way to help someone.

When you spread this kind of positive energy, you’ll feel the universe radiate it back towards you.

3. Remaining Calm in a Trying Situation

One of the most difficult tasks to complete sometimes is remaining calm in a trying situation. Rather than allowing yourself to get out of character, it gives you a bigger sense of accomplishment to remain calm. This is easier said than done, however.

If you were in a situation where you felt pushed to your limits but you held it together and reacted in a calm and thought-out manner, then this is an accomplishment to be proud of. It takes much more effort to ignore something or be the bigger person than it does to stoop down to a lower level.

Be proud of yourself!

4. Being the Voice for Someone 

Not everyone has the courage or personality to stand up for themselves. Some people would rather avoid any and all conflict. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind speaking up, then it could mean a lot to someone to be their voice when they don’t have one.

If you see someone being picked on or treated unfairly in any way and decide to speak up for them, then you’ve completed an accomplishment that not many can say they have. You’ll also leave the other person feeling empowered, and you’ll let them know someone cares.

5. Quitting a Dead-End Job

You might have thought that landing a job would be on this list of great accomplishments. It’s true! Landing a job is an awesome accomplishment but so is quitting one.

Don’t feel tied down to a dead-end job or a job where you don’t feel valued or as if you’re doing what you’re meant to be. Even some of the top-paying jobs are an accomplishment to quit if it means better mental health for you. When you make a big move like this, they’ll know how to write an obituary for you: chose happiness over money.

6. Setting Boundaries for Yourself

When you don’t set boundaries for yourself, others won’t know what your boundaries are. You can’t expect someone to respect these boundaries if you don’t make them clear. To begin, know what your boundaries are, and write them down.

This could be one day a week you give to yourself and self-care. It could mean not placing yourself around certain energy, or something else.

If you’re able to have a clear understanding of your own boundaries and make others aware of them as well, then you’ve accomplished another achievement some never do. Remember, you’re a human being. You have limits.

7. Switching to a Healthier Lifestyle

The sooner you switch to a healthier lifestyle, the better. Making the switch to eating healthier, exercising more, and focusing on mental health isn’t always easy. All of these take effort and dedication.

It’s also important that all three are done together to ensure ultimate good health. If you were able to make any of these changes in your lifetime, these are great accomplishments to be proud of!

8. Starting an Old Hobby

When’s the last time you picked up an old hobby? Think about some of the things you enjoyed doing as a child. What are the things that made you happy the most?

As adults, not many of us often find the time or make the time to focus on a favorite hobby. If you dedicate one day a week or month to a hobby of yours, then you can list this as an accomplishment as well.

What Are Your Accomplishments in Life?

What are some of your own accomplishments in life? Use this post to help guide you, and remember that not all accomplishments are ones with titles on them. If you’ve accomplished any of these listed above, then you’re already on the right path!

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