Interview with Steve Hoffman, author of Clear Vessels

Steve Hoffman is the author of Clear Vessels. In our interview, which you can watch above or download on iTunes, we talk about how to experience joy, ease, and the creative force of life or God even when we are going through difficult circumstances. Steve shares personal anecdotes from his divorce, a time when he was contemplating suicide, and his work at a financial planning and investment management firm. He talks about how he was able to apply spiritual principles from Clear Vessels to each of these life circumstances. We also discuss the following topics…

  1. Fascinating coincidences or “God-winks” that helped him realize that he wasn’t alone and that God loved him
  2. A past-life regression that helped him better understand his relationship with his ex-wife and son
  3. What makes him feel inspired and how anyone can feel better when they are experiencing negative emotions
  4. Why his initial exploration and reading of self-help and spiritual growth books did not help him
  5. How his message can be applied to people going through tough times, including the current global COVID-19 pandemic

Steve also shares other messages and tips from his book that you can apply in a practical manner to your life.

According to,

“A spiritual journey of transformation, Clear Vessels reveals a process for you to tap into Universal wisdom—the most exciting and rewarding adventure you will ever undertake, a lifelong journey that allows your passions and self-expression to flourish. As you become a clear vessel, you’ll have experiences you always hoped for and some never imagined. Through a series of deeply moving stories, practical exercises, and real-life examples, Clear Vessels reconnects you with your Higher Self and Source to help you transform your life. As you notice the connection between your thoughts and their manifestations, you will realize that you have the power to create your reality. Dance with the Universe and become the magician who finally understands what it means to be made in the image of God. You are love—the most powerful force in this world.”

Clear Vessels will help you realize that no matter what you are going though, you are never alone and it is still possible to experience peace and guidance. For more information about Steve and his book, please visit his website at