Stay in Control: How Online AA Meetings Can Help You During a Pandemic

Did you know that 40% of participants in a 2018 study reported feeling isolated? During a pandemic, isolation is an even bigger risk because it can lead to depression, poor sleep, anxiety, and more. With such a negative mindset, destructive addictions like alcohol might be tempting.

Are you worried about staying in control of your life? If so, keep reading to learn how online AA meetings can help you during a pandemic.

Meeting New Friends

Local AA meetings may not be possible in person, but they can be scheduled and attended online. If you’ve never been to an AA meeting before, then you can expect to be introduced to the group.

You can also hear other people’s stories relating to their battles against addiction. This can make you feel connected with people who are struggling in ways that might be similar to your own experiences.

Opening Up

Once you build up enough confidence and comfort, you’ll have the opportunity during AA meeting topics to share your own struggles with addiction. You can have peace of mind knowing that your stories will be heard by people who care.

You may not have had anyone to talk to in self-quarantine, so zoom AA meetings can be seen as a way of unburdening yourself while allowing others to do the same.

The 12-Step Program

If you’re new to AA, then you can expect to start the 12-step program from the beginning, which is accepting your current inability to control your addiction. The next step is to have a belief in a higher power, which can be a god or something that is larger than you in a spiritual sense. The third step is to allow yourself to be cared for by this higher power.

The fourth step is to look into yourself and be honest about your moral shortcomings of the past and present. In the fifth step, you must admit to these shortcomings and confess them to your higher power and another person. After lots of hard work, the final step is a spiritual awakening in which you use all that you’ve learned to lead an exemplary life.

Getting a Sponsor

The 12-step program might sound like an impossible goal at first, but don’t let that stop you from searching the AA online meeting directory. You’ll be glad to know that you’ll have a sponsor during your program who will be able to guide and support you.

Simply put, these online AA meetings have your best interests in mind and can change your life for the better.

Are You Ready to Attend Online AA Meetings?

Now that you’ve learned all about how online AA meetings can help you during a pandemic, you can make sure that you remain in control of your habits and life in general. Despite self-quarantining, friendship and guidance are still possible.

There are many other ways you can live a healthy and meaningful life. If you want even more helpful advice, all you have to do is bookmark our site.