How Can Kriya Yoga Affect One’s Spending Habits? Embracing True Prosperity 

Kriya Yoga is a powerful tool when it comes to your relationship with money. By understanding peace and prosperity and how you can guide your spiritual practice to align with the natural flow of the world, you can enjoy a number of financial benefits.

By practicing Kriya Yoga, you can develop a healthier attitude toward money and physical prosperity – without losing sight of the spiritual nature of true prosperity. Let’s discuss a few ways that Kriya Yoga can affect your spending habits and how it can benefit you now.

Peace And Prosperity Are Primary Goals In Kriya Yoga 

Kriya Yoga is about spiritual awakening. Simply put, “kriya” means “action” and “yoga” means “a conscious union of the body, mind, soul, and spirit.”

Putting those together, you’ll find that Kriya Yoga is the process and journey of finding your spiritual path, discovering your essential nature and the nature of the world, and living in harmony with the world to find true peace and prosperity. Kriya Yoga consists of the actions that you take to realize this purpose – to find the inner divinity within yourself and discover the true meaning of life.

Prosperity is a big part of this. What is prosperity? It’s also known as “artha,” and it’s one of the four “proper goals” in human life, known as Puruṣārtha. These consist of:

1. Dharma – Dharma, simply put, refers to the “path” that you must accept to live in harmony and order with the world. In other words, to live according to dharma means to live rightly, and to pursue one’s true nature while maintaining moral responsibility.

2. Artha – The “means of life” or the resources and activities that allow you to be in the state that you wish to be in. This includes money, career, and other related concepts.

3. Kama – This refers to the pleasure and satisfaction that you can derive from life, including love, affection, aesthetic pleasure, and other types of enjoyment.

4. Moksha – This is the ultimate goal of human life. It signifies emancipation, self-knowledge, and self-realization, which are essential concepts in Kriya Yoga.

However, it’s important to understand that artha is subservient to kama, dharma, and moksha. While the call to prosper is an innate drive within us, it must not be our focus.

Instead, Kriya Yoga and other yogic practices see artha as a means by which we can live according to dharma. By accepting and following the natural order of the world and not being distracted by monetary wealth, we can pursue true prosperity – not just prosperity in the physical world.

Kriya Yoga Encourages A Better Relationship With Money And The World 

Through prosperity meditation and spiritual practice, Kriya Yoga can help you cultivate a sense of inner peace and prosperity, and develop a healthier relationship with money and your spending habits.

For example, if you are a career-driven person who is in pursuit of monetary goals, physical objects, and a certain lifestyle, Kriya Yoga can help you understand what’s truly important – and ensure that you balance your desire for success in the physical world with a spiritual understanding of your higher purpose.

Or, if you have a tendency to spend money frequently as a way to feel good about yourself and create excitement in your life, Kriya Yoga can help you take a step back from this behavior and cultivate a sense of inner peace and satisfaction – a realization that physical things are not, in the end, the most important part of life.

Following Kriya Yoga And Discovering Your Inner Purpose Helps With True Prosperity 

True prosperity does not just involve monetary success. It involves using your money with purpose, following your spiritual goals, and developing a true understanding of your dharma – of the path you are supposed to be following in your life.

That’s the biggest benefit of practicing prosperity meditation in Kriya Yoga. This is about much more than just finding monetary wealth – meditation and spiritual practice help you find your spiritual purpose, and ways that your money, success, and other elements of prosperity can serve this purpose.

This, in turn, helps you prosper further. When we take actions that are in accordance with dharma, we are rewarded in turn – both monetarily and spiritually.

Follow The Path Of Kriya Yoga To Change Your Spending Habits And Your Life 

When the four Puruṣārtha – proper goals of human life – are in balance, your life will be in balance, too. Kriya Yoga allows you to pursue artha, kama, dharma, and moksha through a variety of spiritual practices – bringing out the divine Self, and ensuring a sense of true peace and prosperity.

Whether you’re having difficulties with your spending habits, are feeling unsatisfied by your professional life, or are having trouble focusing on the spiritual world rather than just physical things, Kriya Yoga can help you get back on the right path – and build a world for yourself where you can feel true spiritual fulfillment.