Interview with Bernie Siegel, M.D., on coincidences, past-life memories, and his debut novel Three Men Six Lives

Interview with Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Have you ever had a meaningful coincidence, past-life memory, out of body or near death experience, or feel like you could communicate with a loved one who passed away? What did these experiences mean to you? Did you question them, discount them as mere chance or some bizarre way of experiencing life? Or, was it possible your experience was added support that you are more than a body here right now having a deeper spiritual purpose? These experiences are capable of having a transformational effect on our lives leading to deeper levels of love, connection with our spirit, and faith.

I recently had the chance to talk to Bernie Siegel, M.D., about some of the coincidences, past-life memories, near-death experiences, and out of body experiences he has had throughout his life, as well as mystical experiences he had with his wife who died in 2018. He also talked to me about the transformational power of love and humor. In one particularly compelling coincidence he told me about how a patient of his, who could communicate with dead people, told Bernie that an opera singer had told her that everyone in the opera singer’s family was okay. Well, Bernie’s mother-in-law was an opera singer and Bernie’s wife had recently passed away. Bernie’s patient had no knowledge that Bernie’s wife had recently passed away or that his mother was an opera singer. Bernie shared that this experience helped Bernie know his wife was okay, even though she recently passed away. Bernie added that experiences like this can help us understand that we are not just bodies and that love never dies. Throughout the rest of the interview Bernie shared examples of how he has experienced the following:

– A past life memory he had that was related to a meaningful coincidence in his current life involving a word (sword) his son wrote on a canvas related to his past life

– An experience with an angel he had in a meditation that was related to another event in his life when someone described what the angel looked like without knowing that Bernie had had that experience with an angel

– A near-death and out-of-body experience Bernie had when he was a child

– A transformational experience of love that helped deescalate a potentially violent individual

– How he integrated spirituality into his work with patients within the setting of a mainstream hospital.

For anyone interested in integrating spirituality and holistic healing into their work as a physician, psychiatrist, therapist, or life coach this interview is especially helpful.  Bernie also shares personal examples of integrating holistic and spiritual interventions into his work with patients. He added that other physicians he worked with referred to his patients as one of Bernie’s crazy patients because of how they recovered so well using treatment that defied science’s current understanding and traditional practices. Bernie also incorporates entertaining stories and humor throughout our conversation in a way that is inspirational, heartfelt, and fun.

Bernie’s background as a surgeon adds even more credibility to the mystical experiences he shared with me. Bernie attended Colgate University and Cornell University Medical College. His surgical training took place at Yale New Haven Hospital, West Haven Veteran’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  He has been called a leading teacher of the Mind-Body connection and appeared on numerous media outlets, including Oprah, Good Morning America, and Phil Donahue show.

His most recent book Three Men Six Lives explores these mystical concepts and imparts wisdom about the true nature of love, life, and past lives in his entertaining and enlightening debut fiction novel Three Men, Six Lives.

       According to the website:

A grand adventure born of Bernie’s experience of his current and past lives awaits you.

When three conflicted men search for deeper meaning in their lives, through their sometimes painful and amusing explorations they discover there are no coincidences:     

–Jon Hokmah, an empathetic psychotherapist who comes to accept the fact that he became a therapist because of his own problems.

–George Dingfelder, a stressed-out Jewish physician with a name longer than his lean body, a nervous smile, photographic memory, and a tendency to talk too much and fantasize even more.

–Carmine Birsamatto, an Italian crime boss who doesn’t deny he’s a racketeer but makes it clear he’s not a thug. With charming manners and a soft spot for his grandchildren, he feels a deep conflict over the nature of his business.

Life begins to make sense when Jon attends a past life workshop held by the famed Dr. Brian Weiss and relives his past life trauma as a troubled teenage boy. What he remembers steers the direction of his life and the lives of George and Carmine.

Join this unlikely trio as they learn that love not only heals, but it endures. Sometimes the paths in life that look like detours are just different ways to get to where we are meant to be all along.


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