Ayurveda and Stress 

Stress in today’s world is a common emotion. With all the bustling and rapid growth of civilization, stress has taken over everyone’s lives in some manner. Prolonged stress becomes a real problem that shows up in many aspects of your life. 

In Ayurveda, the ancient Vedic practice, stress can be understood with the concept of the three vital energies or Doshas that influence the body, mind, and soul of an individual. The Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dosha determine how harmoniously the individual functions. 

There are many ayurvedic stores online that have herbal medicines and concoctions that will improve the balance of these Doshas. Improving this balance is what gives you a clear mind free of stress. 

Remedies for everyday stress

There are many triggers that cause stress to an individual. Knowing more of the doshas is one step to understanding and the second would be to analyze and find out the origin of these triggers.  

For starters, does your stress originate from external factors like work pressure, finance, and people’s behavior around you? Internal factors are those that originate from your mind like self-doubt, being lost, or confused about life and other factors that you internalize.  

Ayurveda is a practice that is in tune with nature and follows the natural option of fight or flight to deal with many ailments. Here is how you can bring the balance:

1. Add herbs to your life– Herbs are packed with calming and healing properties and are some of the easiest plants to grow. Add more herbs in the form of raw hers, soothing tea, or essential oils. Ayurvedic stores online have a range of flowers and herbs in most forms, so you can pick how you’d want to calm yourself and bring balance. 

2. Eat fresh meals- By adding more fresh and natural ingredients into your meals; you can see a great difference in how your body functions. Fresh meals bring balance to all three energies while processed or excessive eating can release stress neurotransmitters and other digestive or immunity ailments. 

You can start your day with fruits, replace all-purpose flour to whole wheat, and try eating fresh bread instead of yeast made bread. Avoid aged cheese and canned fruits and vegetables. Especially while eating meat, you have to ensure freshness and purity of the meat. 

3. Communication- Ayurveda speaks about balance within you and with the world outside. By using Ayurvedic products you can bring about a change in your stress levels. But Ayurveda can only work if you are willing to make that change. Apart from external stimulants, your internal processing needs to be clear as well. 

Communication is a great way to relieve stress and agitation because piling things up leads to building up a lot of discomfort and instability. The deeper you stuff things, the more you work from a conscious perspective and leave no space for bringing out the subconscious operations. 

4. Stay organized- Organization doesn’t need to be a strict process. By organizing your day-to-day routine, your work, your time and space, and other aspects, you have more clarity on what you’re doing and what needs to be done. The confusion from not knowing what’s happening around you could bring a lot of stress in your life. 

Stress and mental agitation is not a small matter and needs to be looked after. Ayurvedic stores online provide various calming and cleansing substances that can clear your energies but you need to work towards keeping them clean. This is what will allow Ayurveda to truly run its course.