[FREE Ebook] Stay on the leading edge of serving women PH: For coaches, workshop leaders, healers and change-makers

Calling all coaches, workshop leaders, visionaries, and change-making women who want to lift up other women…

You probably sense that there’s a big shift happening for women right now… 

But did you know that it’s a sea-change that’s as revolutionary and profound as the emergence of the internet and social media? 

Millions of women are awakening to a new stage of evolution. They are rapidly moving up Maslow’s hierarchy from achievement to self-actualization as their north star. 

These women make up the majority of clients in the coaching industry and participants in online courses and workshops. 

And they don’t just want to achieve success in the traditional sense anymore…

They want to become themselves fully, unleash their gifts, discover their greater purpose, create deep intimacy, cultivate thriving relationships, awaken their spiritual potential and make a difference in others’ lives. 

Many of the traditional methods coaching, leading and even manifesting aren’t sufficient to fully empower women with this new set of outcomes.

My good friend, Dr. Claire Zammit, has created a revolutionary FREE EBOOK and Guide that reveals the shifts you can make in your approach that will enable you to get exponential results. 

These methods will teach you how to empower women at this new stage, and to position yourself at the forefront of the multi-billion dollar coaching and workshop industry. 

                         The Visionary’s Guide to Empowering Women:

The Blueprint for Coaches, Workshop Leaders, Visionaries, and Change-Makers Who Want to Empower and Serve Women at the Highest Level

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By Claire Zammit, Ph.D.,
Founder of The Feminine Power Global Movement

According to Claire’s groundbreaking, decade-long research on women’s empowerment, which has already impacted millions, the barriers holding self-actualizing women back are comprised of three distinct internal “Power Blocks.” 

As a coach, workshop leader, changemaker, or caring person who wants to elevate and inspire women, you need to become aware of these “Power Blocks” and how to directly address them.

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  • The revolutionary shift from achievement to self-actualization that millions of women are making… and what you need to know as a coach or workshop leader to empower women.

  • The 3 hidden “Power Blocks” that are preventing your female clients from achieving their desired results—which few coaches or workshop leaders are trained to address.

  • How to unlock the 3 Feminine Power Centers that will give your female clients access to the power needed to manifest their greatest possibilities.

  • The 8 New Coaching/Workshop niches that few change-makers are even aware of, currently in high demand from this group of “awakening” women.

Claire will give you a full overview of this new stage of evolution for women, along with the tools to create extraordinary results with and for your clients, colleagues, friends, and more! 

If you feel called to make a profound difference in the world, this is a must-read for maximizing your reach and impact serving women at the highest level.

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To your power to impact and serve, 

P.S. If you want to support your female clients to discover their purpose, express their gifts, deepen intimacy in their relationships, awaken their spiritual potential, and make a difference in the lives of others, then you need to read this Ebook! 

Claire has spent 20+ years and tens of thousands of hours bringing together all that you’ll discover in the Ebook, so I encourage you to download it now here: The Visionary’s Guide to Empowering Women by clicking here.