Interview with Carole J. Obley, author of Wisdom from the Spirit World

1. What is Wisdom from the Spirit World about and why did you write it?

This book is a compilation of spiritual lessons gleaned from my case files of over 10,000 mediumistic sessions given over 25 years. In Section 3, I share practical, easy tools to open and expand one’s spiritual consciousness. The idea from this book came from my desire to share the wisdom, guidance and teachings imparted by those in the spirit world to those who came for sessions. 

2. In the book, you talk about forgiveness, can you talk a little bit about that? How can we forgive someone or ourself. Additionally, how can we authentically forgive someone without denying or repressing our emotions if we still are truly angry or resentful?

              Forgiveness is often misunderstood as a condoning of the behavior or words of others who have hurt or harmed us in some way. Its true meaning- spiritually speaking- is a simple decision to release the past. It is a conscious choice one makes to live in the present without the encumbrance and burden of the past. Holding resentment, bitterness and anger creates karmic repercussions for the one who does so and stunts spiritual growth. Forgiveness is only possible through the realization that our soul through divine awareness is ever guiding us to freedom of being and expression in accordance with Divine will.

3. In the book, you share examples of people who have connected with loved ones in the afterlife? Can you provide any compelling or interesting examples of that?

           There have been thousands of these connections. Perhaps the most compelling are those in which detailed, private information that I would never have known is communicated. Coupled with this are readings where spirit beings give knowledge about circumstances that sitters (receivers of readings) have no conscious knowledge about. I have received many follow-up emails and phone calls of the validity of this communicated information.

4. Why do you think some people receive messages from loved ones either through a medium or their own personal internal guidance who have died and other people do not?

           It depends on the spiritual consciousness of the individual. One does not need a medium to connect with the spirit world; each has the innate ability for higher sense, non-physical perception through his/her own inner faculties of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. It is a matter of tuning into these perceptions that allows awareness of those in spirit.

5. What are some of the common themes or messages you hear from loved ones who have passed away?

             Some of the more common themes are the validation that there is indeed an afterlife, the importance of the core values of love and service, the power of choice in our lives and the spiritual growth that occurs through challenging life experiences.

6. How can we stay in peace or happy if we are grieving the death of a loved one?

           People who possess or develop spiritual awareness and use the spiritual tools of meditation, forgiveness and prayer cope much more successfully with loss than those who don’t. Along with this, the knowledge that we are forever connected through the eternal bond of love helps immeasurably in grieving.

7. How did you get interested in this type of work?

             I write extensively in my first two books (Embracing the Ties That Bind and I’m Still With You) about how I stumbled onto the pathway through the loss of a business to fire and in recovery from alcoholism. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated with what happens when we die, the paranormal and the unexplained. Simply stated, I believe I’ve been called to do mediumship- a skill I used in other incarnations.

8. Have you experienced any examples of synchronicity or messages from loved ones who have died in your life? If so, what sort of effect did that have on you or what was that like?

            Yes! Many years ago, I experienced a dream visitation from my grandmother who passed while I was in college. The connection was so profound that I wrote about it in my third book, Soul to Soul Connections. I will never forget the overwhelming feeling of love flowing from her to me in those brief moments. This encounter validated the eternal bond of love that we share with those we once knew and loved in physical life. 


  1. Linda Orlando says:

    I have enjoyed your books & your teachings Carol , they have helped me understand my connections with lost love ones.

  2. Angel Like says:

    Wisdom from the Spirit World is just an amazing book for the peoples who are interested in spirituality… <3 <3 She is very good writer and deep thinker, she have such great knowledge… 🙂

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