8 Unique Christian Gifts for Your Family and Friends

If you’ve been looking for unique Christian gifts for the religious people in your life, you need to check this article. We have eight great ideas!

These days, it’s so easy to set aside your faith to focus on earthly matters. How are you supposed to focus on bible study when you can’t even remember to wear a mask to the store?

That’s why it’s more important than ever to give great gifts to your Christian friends and family. Unique Christian gifts can make the difference between an overwhelmed, unhappy person and a rejuvenated and enthusiastic Christian! Here are some of our favorite Christian gifts to give this year.

1. A New Bible

There’s nothing like a new bible to help you build new habits in your faith. A bible gives any gift a personal touch and is appropriate for every occasion.

Don’t forget how many different bibles are available! You can pick from different translations, study bibles, annotated bibles, illustrated bibles, calendar bibles, or even coloring bibles.

Receiving a bible as a gift gives the recipient a feeling of support and encouragement for them to grow in their relationship with God. There’s nothing better than that!

2. A Personalized Devotional

If you’re looking for something a little bit more personal than a bible, consider gifting your loved one a devotional book.

Devotionals make great gifts because they are so diverse. There’s one out there for everyone in your life, and you can pick the perfect one to fit the occasion.

3. Christian Apparel

Another great gift-giving option is Christian apparel. You may not be able to have your bible with you at all times, but if you’re already wearing your favorite verse on your t-shirt, you won’t need it!

Another advantage of giving Christian apparel as a gift is that it also works as an outward expression of someone’s faith. Wearing a verse on your shirt gives other people the opportunity to ask about your faith and allows you the chance to talk about it!

So whether you’re buying for someone who wants to outwardly express their faith or someone who just needs a little daily encouragement, Christian apparel is definitely a gift idea worth checking out. (See this article for more ideas about Christian apparel!)

4. Christian Jewelry

Maybe the person you’re shopping for is looking for something a little bit more subtle. If that’s the case, consider looking into Christian jewelry for them.

One option, for example, is a necklace with their favorite verse inscribed on it. That way, it is always close to their heart and can provide comfort in times of trouble.

Or, consider gifting them the classic cross necklace that so many Christians choose to wear as an outward expression of their faith.

Jewelry isn’t just for girls, either! Men also wear crosses on chains or even bracelets. And, if you think they’ll be self-conscious about it, you can always go with a classic watch or engraved wallet.

5. A Faith Journal

Sometimes a Christian just needs a place to write down their thoughts and prayers. While some are comfortable doing this in a bible, others want a separate area to write out their thoughts. An excellent gift for this type of Christian is a faith journal.

A faith journal is also a great alternative to a devotional. While devotionals are more specific (and often for one-time use), a faith journal is a blank canvas that the recipient can use for whatever, whenever.

6. Verses for the Home

Another great gift-giving option comes in the form of home decor. Having various reminders of favorite verses around the house can lift one’s spirits, especially in troubling times.

For example, consider gifting a loved one a blanket inscribed with a meaningful verse. It could be their favorite verse, or it could be one that you feel is important for them to hear. If you choose a custom verse for them, they will always think of you when they use that particular blanket.

Another option is to commission (or even create) a piece of Christian art for their home. This could be a painting of a biblical scene or character, a Christian symbol like a cross, or contain an inscribed verse.

7. Scripture on a Coffee Mug

As the old spiritual goes, “In the mornin’ when I rise, give me Jesus.” A coffee mug may seem a bit superficial, but it can be a great source of comfort for some.

Most coffee (or tea) drinkers start their day with a fresh cup of joe. Brewing the coffee, pouring it into their mug, and adding cream gives them a ritual to start their day off with. Combining this comfort with one of their favorite scriptures can make their day even more meaningful than before.

8. Daily Reminders

Another gift that may seem small at first is a Christian “trinket.” That is, a little thing that a person can carry around with them as a reminder of their faith (and of you, the gifter!)

For example, one trinket that people are particularly fond of is the Christian worry stone. A worry stone is a small, smooth pebble that’s often slightly curved so that it fits comfortably between your thumb and forefinger.

Then, when the recipient becomes worried, they can rub the stone back and forth to give them a sense of comfort (almost like a religious stress ball.)

Unique Christian Gifts for Everyone

No matter who it is in your life, all Christians can use a pick-me-up once in a while. Giving unique Christian gifts is one of the most encouraging things you can do for a person of faith.

Regardless of the occasion, consider giving one of these gifts to your loved ones the next time you’re out shopping for presents!