Interview with Emme Rain of Magickal Mystic

1. Can you tell us about your work as a life, business, and relationship coach. How did you get started and interested in that and what sort of work do you do?

I began my journey first through ministry and as I phased out of it, I didn’t want to lose my passion, which is helping people. I began training to assist people outside the confines of religion and it eventually became what it is today, me operating as a coach, trainer, bestselling author and spiritual advisor. Now I tour, give talks, teach classes and courses and see clients.

2. Life coaching has become more popular lately. What advice would you  have for someone who is interested in becoming a life coach, but is not sure how to get started?

Consider yourself. Get the training, as life coaching courses are prevalent, but even more important is to remember your own healing and balancing processes or modalities. They will be the power of your practice that helps you help more people. Also, stay in practice yourself because it’ll become even more important as you branch out and accept clients. 

3. What have been some challenges you have had in your life or mistakes you made and how did you move through them?

I’ve made more mistakes than I have room to recount, but one of the biggest challenges was overcoming starting from poverty and dysfunction. It was vital for me to “save” myself and find my own zen before offering services to someone else. I faced a sure death sentence when my heart began to fail at the age of 30. Given mere months to live, I chose to step into a more holistic approach to life. I worked with eastern philosophies and whatever else I could find until I found my solution. Now, I offer my own modality to others.

4. How would you work with someone who has low self-worth, questions if they are good enough and would like to increase their confidence?

This is quite common. Generally, the first step is to find the root of these beliefs. When did they first surface, under what circumstances? Then we can begin to write a new narrative around those events. This is usually the most efficient way forward. However, I like to incorporate mantras, affirmations and confidence building activities as well.

5. How about someone who is unhappy with their current job and wants to make a career change, but is not sure how to make that change because they don’t know what they really want to do?

I have many clients who face this dilemma. I generally employ lists here. It’s important to get the client to open up and express even the things they have been convinced will never work. Sometimes the list answers the question directly, but even if not, always indirectly.

6. Have you experienced any serendipity or synchronicity in your life…If so when and what happened?

I live a life of true serendipity. Daily I wake up and breathe into my being. I allow self love to bubble up and surround me. I remind myself that inner peace is the truest sanctum. Further, I get to teach this daily and that adds to my personal life satisfaction because ALWAYS I learn something or find something of value through my clients. It’s like discovering gems everywhere you turn.


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