Interview with James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

James Redfield is the New York Times best-selling author of The Celestine Prophecy, which was a #1 American book in the world and #1 International bestseller. He recently released a New Edition of the book with a new “Breakthrough” Afterword. Prior to the global pandemic, he was on tour, The Celestine Prophecy Inspiration Tour, doing workshops and talking about the New Edition of his book. His tour will continue after travel restrictions related to COVID-19 are lifted.

Redfield says,

“In a effort to help a world gripped by hate and corruption on all sides, a growing wave of Consciousness is sweeping the Planet — as Multi-Generations are again passing the Celestine Prophecy to others, and feeling the urge to unleash their creative gifts and projects.

Are you a BOOMER or Xer… with finally enough time to energize your Dreams. Are you a MILLENNIAL sensing forty rushing toward you, ready to actualize your true work and abundance. Are you a member of the newest generation seeking your “RIGHT PREPARATION” to live an INSPIRED life.

Together, this Energy to Create is heralding in a NEW TIME in the world.  It has never been easier to Break through what is holding you back. You can build your Energy — And Establish your Inspiration, Peace, and Inner Guidance that is every soul’s birthright of Creativity.”

I recently had the chance to interview James about some of the insights contained in The Celestine Prophecy. We started the interview talking about how people can apply his insights even if they are facing anxiety, financial concerns, or worried about their health during this time of the global pandemic and corona virus. I asked him directly what advice he would have for people who are scared or anxious right now. He answered with compassion and practical wisdom when he responded:

“You’re not alone in the world. There’s a spiritual force you can tap into.”

He added that now is a time to see how we can best stay inspired and keep our energy up and find a meaningful something in our life even in a situation like this. This time is also making it more urgent for a lot of people to find something fulfilling in life and ask ourselves: What do I really want to do in my life?

We spent the rest of the conversation talking about specific techniques people can use to tap into this spiritual force via personal experiences and find proof that we are on a journey that is spiritual. For example, James talks about how meaningful coincidences can be a personal experience that provides helpful guidance in our life; and that even now, during the global pandemic, we can still experience synchronicity and inspiration. Additionally, we explored the relationship between following our intuition and creating meaningful coincidences. Essentially, the more we follow our intuition, hunches, or visions for our life, the more likely we are to experience synchronicity.

Another point that James made that had not occurred to me is that we are capable of creating synchronicity in other people’s lives. James raised an interesting question when he asked: If we our capable of creating synchronicity in other people’s lives, then what is our responsibility to help other people? More specifically, we may have something valuable or helpful to share with another person to tell them. But, this may require us to have the courage to follow our intuition or act on our hunches, even if the other person is a complete stranger.

This led us to transition into discussing our relationship with other people and how there are “givers” and “takers” of energy. We discussed how we can be givers of energy and not allow other people to take our energy. One way we can not allow other people to take our energy is recognize and connect with our own source of energy inside of us.

I’ve always been personally interested in finding a deeper spiritual meaning in life, especially through synchronicity and coincidences. Throughout our conversation, James offers unique and specific techniques to create synchronicity as well as tap into our intuition. His suggestions are practical, profound, and inspired me to have a greater understanding of how I can stay connected and aligned with my spiritual journey.

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