The Spiritual Power of Writing

By Beatrix Potter

More than a way of telling stories, writing can also be a means of seeking self-knowledge and understanding feelings. Therefore, expressive writing, or therapeutic writing, is gaining more and more space in emotional treatments. Therapy consists of writing freely about feelings, without worrying about the structure of the text, rhymes or grammatical rules. This type of writing can be used in times of stress, when seeking relief to reorganize thoughts and express feelings. It has also been adopted in people with potentially stressful illnesses. It is a way of putting out what hurts and annoys you, without fear and without filters, without fear of being judged or misinterpreted by people around you. The most common writing exercises are venting, journaling and organizing ideas. But there are a range of possibilities, which will depend on the person and their objective. This article explains a bit more about the spiritual and healing power of writing. 

Therapy Format

The technique consists of writing without thinking much about the final result. Without that pressure for everything to be written in a super correct and impeccable way. It helps the person to describe details of negative experiences, explain feelings and put the facts in order. It improves self-esteem and helps to overcome traumatic experiences and emotional problems. It brings emotional well-being and improves physical health. What is written will not be published anywhere. Nobody will read. Only you. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Most people will have to deal, at some point in their lives, with an anxiety that absorbs energy and increases stress. Through written reflection, one can perceive the feeling that is related to stress and from that point on, try to understand this emotion to resolve certain issues that keep populating the mind. Some psychology professionals have already adopted the therapeutic diary as a resource to assist in the psychotherapeutic process and in the personal maturation of their patients. It is used to freely write about situations that bring emotional discomfort. Therefore, “those who dedicate themselves to writing, present a considerable improvement in the symptoms that led them to seek therapy”, says Virginia M. Marquis, writer at Simple Grad and Eliteassignmenthelp.

Health Benefits

A study conducted at the University of California, USA, found that an area of the brain called the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, which is hidden just behind the eyes, is activated when we talk and write about emotions and a therapeutic effect is produced at that moment . This reduces that discomfort caused in the tonsils, which we also know as a lump in the throat. In addition, other advantages have already been scientifically proven:

– Decreases stress and anxiety;

– Decreases blood pressure;

– Improves concentration and memory;

– Improves sleep;

– Strengthens the immune system.

Allow old traumas to be released, treated and healed. It is by understanding the past that a new future can be built in a healthy way. You are the only one who knows the size of your problems and your pains. Writing is the way to reconnect to what matters to you and to recover what has been swallowed by stress and anxiety. It is “the way to find your inner voice and reestablish the relationship with it. This intimacy with writing is part of the healing process”, says Christopher C. Irwin, educator at OXEssays and UKWritings. It is the path that will help to silence the mind and bring mental chaos to an end on a great and beautiful journey inland.

Simple Methods

Choose a notebook to be your diary. Take a few minutes each day to write in your diary. Dedicate yourself to it and add the items little by little. Write down what makes you feel good, the activities you like to do, your achievements. Everything that makes you happy. Also write what anguishes you. Put it out. Let it out! The ideal is to write on paper. But if you want, you can also use some digital medium. The important thing is to write freely.

Therapeutic writing is an act of self-knowledge. It is writing deeper thoughts and feelings to try to understand situations, solve problems and come to a deeper understanding of yourself. It is using writing to gain focus and clarity about the moment you are going through, and then find answers to conflicts. Write to understand what ails you. This type of writing is introspective, personal and emotional. It works as a discharge of feelings and emotions, relieving mind and soul in a safe way.

Beatrix Potter is an educator at Assignment Help Canberra and Essay Writer, as well as an online proofreader at Top assignment writing services in Victoria. Beatrix writes about spirituality, alternative healing therapies and meditation. Her greatest passion is, indeed, writing, and she is always happy to pass on to students and fellow writers what she has picked over the years in her weekend workshops.