How Outdoor Adventure Could Be Good For Your Spirituality

Outdoor adventures are often lauded for being great for “physical and mental” health. However, that statement is incomplete. The part that often gets left out is spiritual benefits. The outdoors can be fulfilling to you physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Spending a vacation in an outdoor adventure is a popular and healthy approach. Many of us spend this time boating, hiking, camping, and in cabins to observe nature. Whether it is a quest for adventure or wilderness therapy, there are strong currents of spirituality.

Many tours and plans avoid explicit mention of the spiritual side of the approach. This is largely seen as a way to avoid controversy. However, an increasing number of tour companies and locations are now including the spiritual side of things in their messages. Many even highlight it, and tour companies are coming up with clear approaches towards the spiritual benefits of the outdoors.

An outdoor experience with spirituality doesn’t necessarily have to come from religious camps. The idea is to have a regular camping vacation and find the abundance of spiritual benefits of the outdoors.

Having A Spiritual Experience When Hiking

A spiritual experience in the outdoors can be quite subtle and yet powerful. As you leave the stress and noise of the urban life behind, the silence and calm can take over. Hiking is undoubtedly a great way to explore and celebrate nature.

Walking through the abundance of nature and enjoying the forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and plains is a great experience. Even a quiet walk can be a spiritual experience. Once you feel the embrace of nature and see it in its glory, it brings spiritual awakening.

Many popular trails around the world are paths laid by pilgrims. These are the routes humans have walked since ancient times in search of spiritual and religious goals. A hiker may not exactly be on a pilgrimage but the idea of a spiritual awakening remains strong.

Sleeping Under The Stars

The rich night sky is something lost to the urban dweller. We may see a star or two, but the night sky remains dark. Campgrounds away from the bustle are bathed in starlight. The clear skies unhindered by light pollution show the magnificence of stars.

Campers never forget the experience and joy of gazing into the vastness of space. Few things evoke more emotions and thought than staring at the night sky. Enjoying the calm of the campsite while gazing into the stars is a pathway to spiritual awakening. Contemplating the stars in some ways is gazing into the infinite. The calm, the thoughts, and the stars can be great guides.

Being Mindful And Meditative

Hiking and camping make way for being mindful and meditative. The outdoors are great for thinking and meditating. That doesn’t mean you have to sit under a tree and chant. Well, unless you want to!

The idea of mindfulness also encompasses being in the present moment. You pay attention to your breathing and body sensations, even when hiking and walking. It’s more difficult than it sounds. With practice, however, you gain focus, a clear mind, and a greater understanding of spirituality.

You can also keep a journal of things you meditate over. Remember, this is practice and training for your mind. So, keep your attention towards spiritual and relevant subjects so you get a healthier approach to life. 

Relieving Stress

The outdoors are a great place to relieve stress. As you enjoy the pure air and the bounty of nature, you find the stress going away. It is suggested that outdoor walks and camping can have a net positive effect on people’s emotional and mental state. This means that not only does the experience relieve stress, it is also helpful in keeping problems like depression at bay.

Once the weight of stress and the daily grind is lifted off your shoulders, you get a new appreciation of nature and life. Better wellbeing paves way for a greater opportunity to indulge with your spiritual side.

There are wilderness therapies developed on these principles that have shown to bring great results. A better mind and a better spiritual state naturally transcend towards overall better health and experience. Wellbeing and quality of life and intertwined with spiritual experiences.

Another factor for relieving stress and becoming happier is that it also makes you more productive. These benefits of the spiritual side show themselves in several aspects of life. They find a place in work and professional productivity. Perhaps more importantly, they also show themselves in attitudes towards personal life and social responsibility.

Fostering Positive Relationships

Hiking with someone or as a group is an excellent way to spend quality time together. People enjoying these experiences will find themselves forming better relationships. Walking a trail or setting up a tent together can be rewarding on a personal and relationship level.

You could be with your partner, friends, or in a group. With the distance between the stresses of daily life and yourself, life and relationships get the quality and time they need to blossom and grow. Hikers and campers can also share their spiritual experiences and life. This leads to forming a deeper bond and encouraging greater learning.

Shared experiences and discussions on the spiritual is a very productive way to spend time and to grow yourselves. The backdrop of the outdoors presents a perfect opportunity and a great setting for these discussions. It’s also a great catalyst to the refinement of views and spiritual inclinations.