How to clean a platinum jewelry II

Clean with toothpaste

1. You can squeeze the toothpaste on a towel and rub it back and forth on a platinum diamond monogram ring for about 10 minutes.

Remove the toothpaste, wash it with warm water, wipe off the fine lines and dirt on the surface, and wash it with a diluted washing solution. Rinse with water to restore the original luster. (Toothpaste contains fine abrasive particles. It is very clean to brush your teeth, but it will hurt the gemstones. Because these particles have a hardness of 6,7, which is comparable to crystals and lower hardness than crystals (such as pearls, gold). So platinum inlaid gems should be careful not to get toothpaste on the gems.

2. You can buy a pack of developer powder from a photographic equipment store

Put a small amount in clean glassware, add water and stir well, then soak the platinum name and birthstone necklace (get the necklace) in it for 5-10 minutes, then take it out, rinse it with water, and wipe it with a dry cloth. The beloved platinum jewelry will be as bright as new already.

3. Smart use of baby “talcum powder”

If your platinum jewellery isn’t too dirty, it’s just a little less shiny, then you can wipe it thoroughly with your baby’s talcum powder, and then rinse it with water to restore the shine.

Second, platinum necklace daily maintenance

1. The jeweler recommends that you store platinum my name necklace separately in a jewelry box or suede to prevent scratches on other jewelry.

2. Keep valuable jewelry in a safe place and buy enough insurance.

3. Regularly clean platinum jewelry. This ensures that the jewelry has the best gloss and is more durable.

4. All precious metals may leave scratches, and platinum is no exception. If scratches are visible to the naked eye, bring platinum jewelry to a qualified jeweller for sanding. However, scratches on platinum will only move the material, its volume will not decrease.

5. Please do not wear platinum name necklace cheap (try this) when doing housework cleaning, gardening and other types of heavy work or physical activities.

6. When wearing platinum jewelry, please do not touch bleaching or irritating chemicals. Although they do not harm platinum, chemicals can discolor diamonds or gems.

7. For platinum jewelry set with gems, jewelers recommend that you clean them every six months.

8. Platinum jewelry is inlaid with diamonds. It is recommended that you send platinum monogrammed necklace to a jewelry store for inspection every year, and perform professional cleaning and renovation in a timely manner, so that platinum diamond jewelry is often new. Shop cheap personalized Jewelry online