Significance of Spirituality

By Tim Case

Some call spirituality a category of human being whereas the others treat it as a way of living. Whatever it is, this phenomenon can be described as the state of losing interest in trivial worldly affairs and moving towards inner self, harmony, and some eternal meanings and goals. When hearing a phrase “spiritual awakening,” very few people actually would get the gist of it. The concept of spirituality is a philosophical notion since different people have different feeling and understanding of spirituality. Besides, people have different lifestyles and different worldviews when compared to others. In any case, those people who claim to achieve spirituality and inner harmony are in most cases peace loving, humble, and prefer to focus on their inner selves. 

Many people wonder where this desire for spirituality and spiritual growth stems from. It does not come from some readings or lectures – mainly it comes after some life experience or specific life events that make one reevaluate what has happened before and start changing something. Spirituality calls for being content and happy with what one has.

If you wonder what the importance of spirituality is, check out the following reasons provided below:

  1. It helps to identify one’s life purpose. With the help of spiritual practices, you can explain for yourself the sense of life. Sometimes people wonder why they were born, what their life mission is, and so on. In such cases, spiritual lifestyle can help them find the reasons for that. 
  2. It promotes inner harmony and peace of mind. When a person reaches the state of inner harmony, he/ she can transmit this harmony to the world around them. Resultantly, such behavior will promote acceptance, friendliness, and forgiveness, and eliminate struggles, aggressive behavior, and violence. 
  3. It helps in the organizational processes in the society. Specifically, it instills mental peace as well as assists a person in stabilizing his/ her family and work environment. As a result, one learns how to improve patience and tolerance in relation to others. 
  4. It helps one attain good physical and mental health. With the development of spiritual lifestyle, one also gradually changes one’s habits and treats himself/ herself better. In such cases, people even change their eating behaviors. Even when it comes to some illnesses, spiritual thinking helps one to make the recovery speedier and to change how one treats the illness, i.e. eradicate fear and tackle with depression. 
  5. It deepens one’s knowledge and helps one gain wisdom. Knowledge from spirituality is far more than knowledge from books – it broadens one’s mind and perception.
  6. It helps to control nature in a miraculous way by the power of belief.  
  7. It deepens the feelings of affection and love. Persons who have stepped on the path of spiritual development love nature and surroundings more deeply. When a person is spiritual, he/ she would hardly ever do harm to the environment.
  8. It eliminates people of fear and instills clarity of thought. People with high level of spiritual development do not have the unconscious fear of death and other phenomena that cannot be kept under control. As such, people are not overly bothered about fear and daily troubles – they are open to face any occurrences in life. 
  9. It enhances welfare and personal growth. People who have deep spiritual development tend to perform well in whatever they take up. As such, be sure that spirituality will help you enhance your overall performance.
  10. People start seeing meaning in life. They treat different rules and social norms in other way. They are more mindful and attentive to their own needs. 

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

  1. You occasionally have the feeling of discovering something new. You pay attention to the slightest changes around you. You feel that life is no longer as useless as it might have been before. 
  2. You usually question everything and are curious to explore something new. You become aware that life has no clear answers to anything and one needs to investigate different concepts in order to find the right answer for oneself. 
  3. You start to have a soft approach to the majority of issues surrounding you. As such, you would hardly ever have temper tantrums or surround yourself to emotions. 
  4. You would love loneliness more than ever before. You will no longer feel depressed when you stay in solitude – you will enjoy this magic time when you are in close contact with your inner self. Moreover, you will be able to concentrate on some important matters without distractions or disturbances. 
  5. You will become more open and helpful to others. You will not do it from the feeling of duty but rather from the wish to be involved in some good deed just for the sake of it. 
  6. You will be more sensitive. Rude behavior and offences will no longer be about you. Your heart will not be felt with rude intentions but with honesty and positivity. 
  7. You will feel the presence of some inexplicable superpower. You will feel that there is some power in the universe that cannot be explained but that can definitely be felt. 
  8. You will be filled with the utmost desire to lead a life pleasant for yourself. You will be less focused on materialistic things but would rather make your life comfortable in some other realms.
  9. You will become more interested n spiritual reading. You will become more curious about the nature around you. You will become more open to acquiring knowledge and wisdom of enlightened people.
  10. You will be more willing to connect to those who are deep persons spiritually. You would feel more comfortable to associate with those who are interested in spiritual awakening. 

Many people who have stepped on the path of spiritual awakening like to visit different places of worship and take part in different retreats. Moreover, a person undergoes many changes in personal life as well. Check out some of the following:

  • one’s thoughts are aimed at self-development, divinity, and wisdom;
  • one cares for his/ her health and well-being;
  • one surrounds himself/ herself with healthy food and eco-friendly materials.

Spiritual development also enhances the teaching process as more and more teachers nowadays are implementing changes and postulates within the realm of studying. Some of the most vivid examples are the following:

  • teachers enrich students’ experience via music, art, studying, and nature;
  • teachers instill the skills such as mindfulness, compassion, gratitude, empathy, and others;
  • teachers try to relate the studying material to practical sphere and students’ experience;
  • teachers help students identify their life purpose by cultivating their passions and interests;
  • teachers show students how they can contribute to the society by their actions;
  • teachers talk with students about spiritual development and personal growth.

Spiritual development goes hand in hand with the educational process. Moreover, it is the indication of mental maturity. People who fully realize what meaning their life has and what their mission is are more dedicated to what they do.


Tim Case is a freelance writer at He is an author of Significance of Spirituality and many other articles. He is dedicated to educating and inspiring the world on how to become a better yourself.