Vufcup new EP Views From The Hexagon

Vufcup recently released a new EP called Views From The Hexagon, depicting a soul’s response while looking each way inside a body. For more information and to hear there new song, please click on the Spotify link below…
Vufcup, a multi-media experience creating their own brand of a uni-verse, fusing together everything from frequencies to morse code to plenty of easter eggs to keep the listener on their paws. Never one to shy away from listening to what the song needs, you will find plenty of emotions in their discography.
meet the entities:
Resulting from a horrific reincarnation of a regulator calico emerged mastermind, vocalist, guitarist, bassist Diggy Kat (Gemini).
Conjuring the image of guitarist, bassist, vocalist Bianx (Gemini) consists a spell of mixing glitter with the feeling of smelling a blood red rose for the first time.
Spawned from the furthest epochs of the outer abyss, defying the laws of time and space the unimaginable drummer, Jimmy Two Cats (Cancer).
Visually and sonically Vufcup doesn’t just think outside the box, they live at the other house. They’ve left the door open for you, won’t you enter?