5 Efficient Ways to Increase Self-Awareness in Your Writing

All students face the same tasks and problems related to them. One of the compulsory tasks is to write various assignments. There are different types of them like essays, case studies, research proposals, term papers, dissertations, and others. Each has its specific purpose and it, sometimes, confuses young minds of students. They get stuck at some point in writing and don’t know how to continue. Many people believe that it’s necessary to be self-aware of what you’re doing to overcome this impediment.

Of course, students use other methods to handle this problem. For example, students from all around the globe actively use online writing services which provide foreign students with professional essay writing help. These companies are very resourceful and support students in a variety of ways. They easily handle the most difficult pieces of writing and complete them precisely as students need. Nevertheless, this is Plan B that shouldn’t be used on a regular basis. We suggest 5 efficient ways, which help to increase your self-awareness to successfully manage your writing.


One of the most useful methods is to keep a journal. It’s also known as journaling. It helps to delve deeper into your inner Self and understand what lies hidden inside of you. Using pen and paper you don’t overthink your problems and life in general, but simply let it flow. This method has multiple mental benefits for students and the enhancement of self-awareness while you write is one of them.

Make allowances for other benefits from journaling:

  • Relieving stress;
  • Improvement of writing skills;
  • Enhanced memory;
  • Improved problem-solving ability;
  • Enhanced motivation;
  • Maintenance of your health.

If you keep a journal for many consecutive months, you are aware of everything that took place. Thus, you can build a perspective of what will come.


This method makes you sit in one place with legs crossed in a chair or on the floor. It’s necessary to slow down your heartbeat and focus on deep breathing. Commonly, people also listen to music or repeat different mantras. The main point is to quiet your own thoughts, but rather review from an independent perspective. Let all that happened to you (positive and negative) run through your mind. Don’t use any emotions but conduct in-depth analysis to understand why those events took place.


Diana Raab, Ph.D. recommends practicing yoga, which is tightly related to meditation because meditation is an inevitable part of this method. There are multiple forms of this miracle methodology. It cures both the body and mind. It helps to reduce stress, improve memory and concentration, sustain your mood, etc. Check various styles to choose the most suitable for yourself.

Try Something New

At times, your mind needs some push. You ought to provoke a change in your life by trying something yet unchecked. It may be anything, which is able to induce positive outcomes. Of course, such negative habits as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and similar points are excluded. However, you’re welcome to try other things to shake off the foundations of your life. These may be:

  • Painting;
  • Going in for sports;
  • Yoga;
  • Meditation, etc.

Get Feedback

Finally, you should receive some feedback. Ask people who know you and who you trust something specific about yourself. They should give honest answers to receive a true image of how you appear in the eyes of other people.

Types of Journals

We have greatly liked the idea of keeping a journal. Journaling has multiple positive benefits for the mental state of people. It has been proved in many studies. This activity is a strong stress reliever and regulator of our mood. It helps to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions and promotes a positive attitude. Therefore, we’d like to share with you the main types of journaling.

Type of Journaling Main Purpose
Motivational You should write down different quotes, which are close to your heart and lifestyle. They are supposed to inspire you and kindle positivism within you.
Gratitude A writer is supposed to focus only on the things, which are important for him/her, to express gratitude.
Writer’s journal It’s necessary to concentrate on literary themes, social issues, and famous quotations related to the art of writing. This method is very beneficial for academic writing.
Thematic or subject journal Using this method, a writer mentions the most problematic spheres, as well as areas that are interesting and important for him/her.
Success This journal form ought to keep the record of all your successful achievements. You may mention even the smallest ones. It helps to withstand your future failures and stress.
Free-form journal This form is a pure flow of your thoughts. You are “free” to record all the thoughts that currently run through your mind and reread them later.
Letter You should write a letter to a famous person, to someone you know or even to yourself and reveal everything that lies in your heart. This method helps to speak up the things you commonly never say.


Take these types to your consideration and choose one or several ones to solve your mental problems. Thus, you will keep stress at bay and will be able to focus on your academic goals, including writing. Journaling is an effective method to increase self-awareness in writing. Don’t forget about the other methods mentioned in our article. Their combination ensures your success in writing and maintaining your self-awareness.


  1. Hi I have been meditating for years now and have been journaling not daily but on a regular basis. What I find is that the motivation to practice meditation waxes and wanes sometimes your motivation is high and there might be times that you really struggling to sit and meditate. This also reflects in the journal when I jot down these experiences. I saw that you mentioned a motivational journal where you put down quotes that inspire you and keep you moving forward. I will take the suggestion because I really liked it and I will include it as part of my journalling 🙂

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