What Is a Course In Miracles?

If you have ever come across the term “A course in Miracles,” then it might have sounded a bit strange for you but it would have piqued your interest as well. So, if you are wondering what is a course in miracles then this article is for you.  A course in miracles is not similar to your regular course. It is an entirely different thing. It is a tool in the shape of a book that can be used as a course to self-study. The purpose of the course is to train one’s mind in a way that it will think within God and Jesus’s teachings. It teaches ones about different practices and how they can implement them in their practical life, which can help them to become happier and more successful in life. 

The course in miracle also says that to teach is to learn. It poses that the teacher and learner are the same, and both processes never end. Teaching is not just what you learn from the books or what you see in your day to day life. The process is active all the time. You can learn from yourself, your actions and actions of other people. The book tells you that there are only two thought processes in the world and you can believe in one. When you indulge in teaching, you are not just enlightening other people but you are also refreshing yourself about what you believe in and are making your belief stronger. A course in miracle provides you the opportunity and tools to pick something that you want to teach. Every situation and opportunity you come across in your life is a chance to teach something to someone. 

The course is very organized and is divided into different chapters in which the things are discussed one by one. It has a step by step explanations for both theoretical and practical approaches.  However, the main focus of the book is on the practical side. The book quotes, “a universal theology is possible, but a universal experience is something necessary for everyone.”  The text of the book is mostly theoretical and it conveys the mindset and the concept on which this miracle course is based on. The concept for every lesson in the book is displayed properly. The course aims at thought reversal but it can only be achieved if the person applies this theoretical knowledge to their life. Otherwise, it is nothing but just a collection of concepts to forget. 

The total number of lessons in the book is 365, which means the book is written in a way to teach you one lesson daily. Learning in small amounts of time is the best way to approach this course. The book itself will advise you not to reach for more than one lesson at once. That is because it emphasizes the practical application, not just reading. These ideas will be hard and some of them would be hard for you to believe, but the book asks you to implement them and see the results yourself. There is no conclusion to the book and as the book wants the individual to become their own teacher, the conclusion is left to themselves.