Q&A with Nidhi Kaur, author of Seasons of the Soul

What are the various seasons of the soul according to your book?

According to the book the soul evolves and transforms through the Season of Longing, the Season of Remembrance (faint memory of a forgotten love), the Season of Love, and the Season of Enlightenment.

How did you come with the title of the book?

I had the recurring thought of compiling all my poems and pictures in the form of a book. I did not want to put everything in there at random but was seeking some logical categorization. So, I had to analyze my poems from a reader’s perspective, and I realized that all of my poems were either evoking the feelings of Longing, Remembrance, Love, or Enlightenment. And I could clearly see my soul growing through each of these seasons, and hence the title, Seasons of the Soul.

What makes this book special?

This book is not just poetry. It’s also pictures of poems which have been handwritten on petals of flowers and leaves. I also wanted some sketches in this book, and as opposed to looking for a freelancer, I asked my younger brother Johnny to create the sketches. I had many heartfelt and soulful conversations with my brother during the making of this book and our bond as a sibling became even more stronger. It filled me with immense peace and contentment to have this opportunity to work with my brother on a spiritual level.

How much time did it take for you to write this book?

All the poems in the book were written over a period of two years. It took me another four months to put everything in the right format. I also did the book cover and interior designing on my own.

What is your favorite poem from the book?

it’s the remembrance

that puts me to sleep,

and the remembrance

that brings me back to life again.

a memory that flutters

from one lifetime 

to another.

passing through the 

doors of exquisite yonder.

sometimes i creep

through the cracks

of my own heart and break.

sometimes i seal

the quintessence and stay in.

the breath of your love—

i keep on longing,


and die a million times,

just remembering.

Name another poet who would love to read your book.

If Rumi was here, I am pretty sure he would have loved my poems.

When did you start writing poetry?

I wrote my first poem when I was probably stepping into teenage. It was also a spiritual poem, wondering about God and the divine love.

How have you evolved as a poetry writer?

I feel poetry has healed me. All of my deepest emotions come out in the form of poetry. So, I do see a big transformation in myself. I am a happier and a more peaceful person now than I was a few years ago.

Did you experience any serendipity or synchronicity when you wrote the book? If so, how?

Yes, there are many incidents. Especially when I was compiling the book. I needed a picture with a beautiful rainbow and found a gorgeous one right across the lake on a rainy day. 

Also, my trip to the Vipassana mediation retreat earlier this year brought so much clarity and led me into the season of awakening, which is the last section of the book. It also taught me how to embrace the present moment and be content in the “now.”