Four stages of Spiritual Enlightenment

Everyone has their own set of preconceived notions of how they discern spiritual enlightenment. But regardless of the religion and beliefs, we all tend to agree that it’s an absolute experience that cannot be attained by any intellectual exercise, nor there are step-by-step guides to reach a higher state of being spiritually awakened.

The way to achieve spiritual enlightenment is a sort of loosely defined concept that addresses the pursuit of comprehending our own selves’ reality and existence, the true nature of life and the world around us. It can be defined and specified in certain ways and wordings, and vary from person to person.

No amount of reading, studying, or learning can actually make you spiritually enlightened because it’s an experience that goes beyond the human mind and cannot be measured or proven by scientific methods.

Moreover, it stands a great chance that if you are single-mindedly seeking or striving to acquire that spiritual deepening, probably you’ll get frustrated and feel lost in life.

Now you might know that it’s hard to lay down a distinct set of rules and methods with accuracy for one to abide by for diving openings, however, it doesn’t imply that it’s something ambiguous and thus gave the right to every presumptuous individual to draw their own conclusions around how one should become spiritually enlightened.

Below we have accumulated some practices in common that can help to raise the consciousness of oneself and can lead to epiphany moments. Although complying with what is written doesn’t offer any scientific assertion to spiritual awakening, but is potent enough to achieve the much-needed awareness to eliminate obstacles and continue the path of self-discovery and self-mastery.

The Four Stages of Spiritual Enlightenment

It’s a process that takes place over time and is not a one-time event but a never-ending quest to become more aware of our true self.

Stage 1: Forgiveness and Intention

The very first stage has two parts: forgiveness and intention.

The former refers to not holding onto any pain and emotions of our old self. Whatever we think we used to be, the mistakes we have made, the past relationships, we got to forgive everything and everyone for decluttering our brain and for eventually setting ourselves free from any grudges.

Once you have detached yourself from the things and feelings that were causing misery, here comes the second part, Intention. You have to set your intentions to discover the truth of your being and existence. With ever-present distractions, it’s certainly not going to be easy to find the answers for questions like “who am I?” and “what’s my purpose?” You will be required to connect to your deeper self and align your focus on finding the real you.

Stage 2: Surrender

This is the second pillar that states and asked utter surrender to the infinite nothing. You have to let go of thoughts you’ve been holding so long, let go of the wanting to control, let go of the desires to know everything, and open yourself for the new possibilities and opportunities. Trust the universe, and have faith that good is coming to your way. It doesn’t mean that by surrendering, you are getting a license to be lazy and use it as an excuse not to do anything and wait for the things to fall on your lap.

Put things into perspective and embrace with open hands whatever you get. Take every happening as an opportunity to thrive and stop complaining about why bad things only happen to you. Try to find hidden blessings and lessons out of every obstacle you stumble across in your way.

Stage 3: Walking with God

When you let go of demands and intense desires to control your circumstances and flow with God’s wish, you began to magnet peace and tranquility in your life. You firmly believe that the universe is leading you to the right path that allows unfolding numerous treasures life has up to the sleeve. You, as a human being, only have to be grateful and open yourself, and the rest will happen in your life by itself from God’s grace.

When you stop trying to question and accept that whatever is being served is for a purpose, you will see a drastic change in your thought process and miracles taking place – it’s all about respecting the process.

Stage 4: Unity and One with God/Spirit

In order to get a higher level of enlightenment, you will have to start with letting go of all the worldly things that distract you from focusing on your inner world. You’ll be required to make a conscious effort to get rid of the judgments you conclude for yourself. The opinions of others shouldn’t bother you any bit because now you are walking on the path with God.

Love yourself regardless of the circumstances and believe that it’s a part of the journey that nobody have ever could escape from. There is always a purpose behind the pain that has the sole objective to make you strong so that you can endure whatever is coming through your way and don’t fall apart.

9 Practices you Should Follow to Experience Enlightenment

Below are some of the widely followed general ways that are going to help you navigate the path of spiritual deepening:

  • First and foremost, kill your ego.
  • Detach yourself from worldly pleasures that are causing distractions to you.
  • Forgive peoples and yourself too.
  • Try to be honest.
  • Embrace your fears as they are a part of the journey and are indispensable to build a better version of yourself.
  • Follow meditation rituals and do yoga.
  • Recite prayers to your God.
  • Consuming psychedelics (do your research first)

Spiritual awaking expands and flowers your consciousness, and that may sometimes trigger your beliefs about the nature of the world and its reality. Recognizing your higher self is a process that is really mysterious, and for some, it seems to be unattainable. How one can become spiritually enlightened is a topic that’s open always open for metaphysical debate as it highly varies from spiritual traditions.

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