Astrology & Healing – Healing Power Of Astrology

Many people simply view astrology as something solely describing their personality and there is nothing wrong with that approach. However, there is more to it than just your zodiac sign and its relations in determining your unique traits.

Astrology, when understood on a deeper level, can also be used as a way to heal your soul and body whilst creating the harmony between the two.

Astrology For Self-Healing

First of all, you need to know that your astrological chart offers you a great insight about your body and soul disposition.

The reason for this occurrence is quite simple –

each zodiac sign rules over a certain region of your body, and consequently, the signs you are born under provides you with a wealth of information about your strengths and weaknesses.

Since each sign of the zodiac lives within you – each one of those signs are located somewhere in your chart and are represented in one part of the body. And by observing the conditions of those certain regions of the body, they will provide you with valuable insight about your character and life lessons at any given time. So by understanding all of the things mentioned above, you’ll acquire a better knowledge of your mind, spirit, and emotions which help you to enhance your life force.

To achieve this effect, you can start by looking up your personal Sun sign to learn lessons it offers and do the exercises associated with it. You can also do the same for you personal Moon sign as well as other rising signs.

The above mentioned practises as well as Yoga poses, lifestyle routines, physical exercises, and breath work are also used for strengthening the energy of each sign to further enhance the healing process of your body and mind.

Everytime you feel physical or emotional suffering, ask yourself which sign rules over for that specific area you feel negativity or pain coming from. This way, you’ll be able to address inner imbalances and clear the accompanying symptoms. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll get to learn much more about yourself by exploring the deepest layers of your personality.

The Healing Power Of The Planets

Besides the Moon, the Sun, and risings signs, planets also offer a great insight about the blockages and tightness within you as well as showing you valuable lessons for you to learn on the psychological, physical and even emotional plane.

Blockages in Mercury can cause confusion and mental exhaustion. In this case, psychotherapy or simply articulating your worries by writing them down can be an effective solution.

Blockages in Venus can cause overindulgence or entertainment in case she has been denied them.

The cure of Mars is associated with bringing down the temperature and as such, any physical action starting from games to casual strolling can be great activities to indulge in.

Jupiter holds the relationship with the liver and gives insight about its conditions.

Saturn usually exhausts your life constrain so you only utilize it for the most vital things.

Uranus afflictions impact the strength of the body. To cure them, electromagnetic medicines as well as trance induction cures are advised.

Neptune is associated with confidence attitude and reestablishing your faith in the Divine.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen, every sign and planet has something valuable to offer. And by paying close attention and observing what it is that they are trying to convey, you’ll boost your overall physical and psychological health whilst reaping the benefits of the deeper spirituality.