Act Social documentary

From politics to medicine, Act Social is a documentary that explores the healing potential of applied improvisation.  It features famed improv comedian Colin Mochrie of Whose Line is it, Anyway?

The principles of improv lead to hilarious comedy onstage but can they also be used to solve problems like depression, social anxiety, or conflict?  Applied improvisers belive the answer is “Yes!”

In the documentary film they show what happens when different kinds of people try improv: refugees, tragedy survivors, couples in counseling, even politicians (we think they could use it).

In Act Social, you will also meet improv teachers who work with communities in need, giving audiences a never-before-seen look at the possibilities improv can bring to real life. More specifically, their story summary from their website explains:

Story Summary

In improv, everyone’s ideas have equal worth; this is what starting off on the right foot looks like.

Improvisation tools are already working in conflict resolution and mental health facilities, but on a small scale. Could they be used to heal the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or help 40 million people in the USA to get off of psychotropic drugs?

·  Republican Karl Rove performs improv with Colin Mochrie and endears himself to a room half-full with Democrats.

·  Dr. Daniel J. Wiener brings couples back from the brink of divorce using improv.

·  Bob Kulhan, author of Getting to Yes And: The Art of Business Improv, teaches 40 Senators on their annual retreat to aid in their cross-aisle reaching.

·  Brendan Fitzpatrick’s dad died in 9/11; he uses improvisation to help him overcome the tragedy.

·  Doctors help patients cure depression and social anxiety with improv techniques.

These stories and more combine to create a documentary about applied improvisation that entertains, enlightens, and offers a concrete, actionable solution to our tendency to de-humanize people with whom we disagree. For more information about the film, including the trailer, other exclusive video content, and a video on how you can use failure to help your life, please visit the film’s website at

The team includes filmmaker Sean A. Mulvihill, cast featuring famed improviser Colin Mochrie of Whose Line is it, Anyway?, psychologist Barbara Tint, and several leading improv instructors like Bob Kulhan of Business Improv, Norm Laviolette of Improv Asylum, and Dr. Daniel J. Wiener, author of Rehearsals for Growth.

Act Social is currently starting their Kickstarter Campaign. For more information on how you can pledge and learn more about the film please click here. Their campaign offers many rewards for those who pledge. For example, if you pledge just $3, then one of their stars will act out a cool adjective and gesture for your first name in an online thank you video and your name will be in the credits. If you pledge $125 or more, then you will receive the following: Brainstorm FaceTime with the Director Sean Mulvihill on any topic you want, 2 Gala Premiere tickets, Improvisation Training, your name in the credits, and some other great bonuses.