Is Astrology Real? A History of Horoscopes & How They Affect Your Life

Astrology is one of the most popular practices out there today. Whether you’re a skeptic or a true believer, almost all of us know our zodiac sign and like to read our weekly horoscope in the paper.

And why not? It’s fun to read things about ourselves.

But astrology has a much deeper, richer history than a weekly column in a newspaper. This practice dates back thousands of years, and even today there are things we can learn from the movements of the planets. Read on to learn about the history of astrology and answer the question “Is astrology real?”

Early Origins of Astronomy

No one is exactly sure when humans first looked to the stars to divine something about their lives. People have looked at nature (tea leaves, animal entrails, and the like) for thousands of years. And while the stars have long been harbingers of various seasons, it’s hard to say when we first started looking for their impact on our daily lives.

Astronomy probably originated in ancient China, when people would look at eclipses and other celestial events as signs of their emperor’s wellbeing. By the second millennium BC, Sumerians and Babylonians likely had codified divination practices.

They looked to the stars to see where the gods were, and when the ancient Egyptians added the idea of constellations, we began to move towards a more modern understanding of astronomy.

Development of the Twelve Signs

The twelve zodiac signs we know today – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces – didn’t show up until ancient Greece. The astronomer Ptolemy wrote a book that helped these twelve signs gain fame. They were named after certain constellations that occupied different parts of the sky.

The term “zodiac” comes from the Greek meaning “sculpted animal figure,” a fairly accurate representation of the astrological system. The Babylonians were responsible for dividing the sky into twelve equal pieces, each representing 30 degrees. Each sign occupies a piece of the pie, and calculations are made based on when the sun is in each piece.

Aspects of a Chart

Most people know their basic zodiac sign – for instance, if you were born on August 1, you’re a Leo. This means that the sun was in the house of Leo on the day of your birth. But astronomy calculations are far more complex than that – you can find out how to make your chart at

In addition to your sun sign, you also have a moon sign that represents where the moon was at the time of your birth. Using these two, you can see how different movements of the planets impact you. So, for instance, if you’re a Sagittarius sun sign and a Taurus moon sign, Mercury being in retrograde will affect you differently than someone with a Pisces sun sign and a Gemini moon sign.


One of the big things the movement of the planets can impact is your communication with others. Depending on your personal chart and the movement of the planets at the time, you may communicate with others very well for a little while. Other times when you can’t seem to get a word out right, your planets may be interfering with your communication.

Mercury is the planet that most impacts communication, so if you can’t seem to communicate well for a while, check in on that. Mercury naturally rules Gemini and Virgo, so if one of these is your sun sign, you’ll see more of an impact.


We all have weeks when we just can’t seem to get a single thing done. And then there are other weeks when we’re productivity machines, cleaning our houses, getting our work done, running errands, and checking things off the list. In many cases, you have the planets to thank for your week going one way or another.

Mars is the planet of action, and Saturn is the planet of discipline, so you should look to these two in motivational situations. Mars rules Aries, and Saturn rules Capricorn, so if one of these is your sign, you may see a strong impact there. And remember, just because the planets may impact your motivation doesn’t mean you have to let them be the boss of you.


Astrology can impact various aspects of your health, depending on the situation. In general, we don’t mean that you’ll get a cold because you’re a Libra and the sun is in Aquarius right now. But there are aspects of your wellbeing that can see some impact from the planets.

In general, you’ll see your planets impacting which health issues you have. Aries tend to have problems with their head – tension headaches, jaw pain, breakouts, and the line. Leo is more prone to heart disease, and so on for all the signs.


And, of course, we all know that astrology can impact our relationships. At some point or another, we’ve all looked up the zodiac sign of a potential partner to see if we’re compatible. But the impact goes so much deeper than that.

While there is some basis for astrological signs impacting compatibility with another person, it can affect day-to-day lives more as well. Venus rules romance and love, and Aries rules sexual energy, so the movements of either of these can have an impact on our relationships. If you’re vibing hard with someone – or if you’re in a hard time – check out your chart for some answers.

Answer the Question, “Is Astrology Real?”

No matter where you fall on the debate “Is astrology real or not?” we can all agree it’s a fascinating topic. This tradition dates back to our earliest heritage, and there’s something compelling about looking to the stars for answers. So why not take a look and see what your chart can tell you?

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