Health Tips to Heal Your Spirit

Our spirits define who we are, how we feel and what we do. Our intuition is intertwined with our spirits and everything that protects us, our humanity, our love and our feelings are all linked to our spirit. So if we can exercise to keep our minds and bodies fit, why can’t we also use health tips to heal and strengthen our spirits? Through a series of interviews and visits to wellness clinics, we have discovered what has most helped those regenerate their spirits and how these inspirational people have managed to find what works best to keep our minds, bodies and spirits happy and content. Below are some of the greatest tips you will find to strengthening who you are in the simplest of ways.

Unlikely Meditation

Now, we have heard this one before but what many people don’t understand is that meditation can be a series of mindful distractions which don’t involve closing eyes and concentrating on breathing. As a matter of fact, many have admitted that a simple delight as small as reading a book, paging through a magazine or painting a canvas works as meditation for them. Putting this to test, many wellness spas and clinics actually encourage this saying it relaxes our spirits as well as our minds.


Nature has had a healing effect on the majority of the human race since the beginning of time. It is a soothing and calming experience being out in a forested area. Combine exercise and nature and you have yourself one of the most effective spirit healing combinations to date. No medicines can compare to this.

Healthy Eating

Leave the sugars alone, find your natural source of fuel to keep your insides as clean as you can. Many times, after an unhealthy meal, people have claimed to feel slumpish or effected in a negative way which has an effect on their spirits. If you are craving sugar, help yourself to watermelons, apples or strawberries. Eliminate one unhealthy meal a day if you are already accustomed to eating heavy meals and replace that with a healthy recipe.

The Power of Positivity

Surround yourself with positive people. Politely decline invitations from toxic people. Retract yourself from a negative situation and hold your tongue when you find yourself in one. This is not an overnight feat, in fact, something like this could take anything from weeks to months to accomplish. This means making your inner circle a smaller one, not being a people pleaser, walking away from toxic friends no matter how long you have known each other for and lastly, this means sacrifice. Sacrifice is as good for the spirit as anything. It teaches you to love and leave, to walk away and it teaches you discipline. All of which is essential for healthy spiritual growth.

There are many more unconventional methods in which people can heal themselves or distract themselves. Click here to experience one of these unconventional methods or grab your nearest book and get lost in the pages and characters.