Children and Parents. A Conscious Approach to Parenthood.

By Victoria Contoret, leader of the N.E.O.PEOPLE International Movement: and the Author of the Pyramid of Human Uniqueness of Contours:

The question of relationship between generations is as old as the world. The phenomenon is that still every parent has to solve this old and global question individually. And in the XXIst century we are not ready to look at this question through the prism of the techniques used before.

Time flies, and we need to keep up with it. New times bring the development of new communication techniques, change the methods of perceptions of certain situations, and, of course, alter the point from which we look at these situations.

The issue of the relationship between parents and children is particularly acute when children are in the adulthood transition period. From the physiological point of view, they are getting mature, but spiritually they are making their first contacts with the reality life. It is when a child becomes more independent and starts to understand spirituality in his or her own way. Parents should realize and accept the fact that their child is now capable of drawing his conclusions and making his own decisions. That their child is passing into a state of self-affirmation on his or her spiritual basis.

As a rule, this transitional stage changes an already established and happy parent-child relationships. Just “suddenly” everything gets complicated and confusing for both sides. Relationships become unpredictable like “turbulence”, and it causes malfunctions in the overall family climate.

The question is simple: how to find a way to start a long-lasting, peaceful relationship with a child and strengthen family bonds?

Yes, the question is quite simple, but it’s not so easy to find the answer, there are no patterns or rules universal for all of us. Of course, grandparents can make an invaluable input in the family reunion. Their experience and family genes provide parents with some support. However, it is usually not enough.

Awareness is a key strategy for finding the right answer to the question. The solution is easy to see when parents are aware of how they treat their child and how they handle the transition stage of the child’s life. Awareness, as a human feature of the XXIst century, is especially relevant in the harmonious relations of children and parents in the new millennium. Additionally, having awareness of the security that life insurance can provide will enhance your peace of mind and relationship with your child. You should know about Life Insurance Policies – Different Types Of Plan – Money Expert to determine which is best for you. There are a few different types of term insurance available and each has its own positives.

People have always been living completely consciously (or not) and it had become one of the most important human features. But only in the Age of Aquarius, we have realized the significance of a conscious relationship with a child. The era has introduced new energies into our world, and that is how it is going to be for the next two thousand years. We should not ignore new circumstances brought by the new energies.

First of all, Awareness rises to the forefront and becomes a key homo sapiens characteristic. Second of all, things like age, nationality, geographical location are not that important anymore. Social networks and the Internet connect people and remove the barrier between them.

The notion of financial security is becoming less and less relevant as a democratic society development proves that the same things are available for every member of society. Everyone can afford to buy a car, to have a place to live, to have a secure job, to go out on the weekend, to travel and to get social insurance. So pretty much all those things that have been dividing the society for ages are now uniting it because everyone has equal access, to a greater or lesser extent, to everything he or she needs.

Language has been another barrier dividing our society. But today almost everyone speaks at least two languages, using English as an international one. The language is no longer a barrier.

So what does divide us today? Have we all become unified homo sapiens because everything around us has been unified? Not quite. Awareness has come to the fore, old and once forgotten it has recently regained its position.

We are spiritual beings living in a material world. The awareness and using it in our life becomes a fundamental and global strategy in a modern society. It is also a key to a healthy relationship between parents and their child. Let me explain to you what I mean. The level of the awareness among people is not the same. Can you measure and assess human awareness? As a matter of fact, you can, using the Pyramid of Awareness by Contoret has proved to be efficient for this purpose. It carries a principal orientation and shows us on what level of awareness we are. The Pyramid comes with a table of how awareness manifests itself on the different levels in the material world and in our everyday life.

You can evaluate and compare your level of awareness and the level of your child using the Pyramid by Contoret. Most likely you will find out that the level of your awareness is higher than the one of your child. That is the first and the most important point of a conscious attitude towards your child. Once you understand how deep is the gap between your awareness levels it is going to be easier for you to find out the reason why the relationship in your family is unbalanced.

You and your child may be like chalk and cheese! If that is the case make sure you find a safe “place” in your relationships where both you and your child are going to feel comfortable communicating and strengthening family ties.

Since we know how to evaluate the awareness level, it opens a window of possibilities for us such as analyzing, comparing, developing, and improving this factor in our lives.

Every parent knows how DIFFICULT it is to handle a child in the transition stage of getting mature. Teenagers do not listen to their parents; they do not pay attention to the advice and recommendations, they want to change everything at once.

What does not a parent of a teenager know? He does not know WHY it is difficult. The answer is pretty simple: a child is not aware of the life around him to the extent his parent is. That being said since grownups are older and have more life experience it is only natural that parents are more conscious than their children. This knowledge is invaluable because it helps parents to realize that children cannot be as awake as parents just because of the lack of experience.

The key to happy family life and balanced relationships between parents and children is being a conscious parent. In my articles, webinars and on my Course of Conscious Parenthood I am going to show you how to overcome an alienation barrier using the Pyramid of Awareness and your level of awareness.

This is an article where I speak generously about the possibility of improving the relationship between parents and children by overcoming the alienation barrier and using the conscious approach method. This method can help you to find a key to understanding your child and establishing a happy family relationship once and forever.