A Truly Friendly Universe

By Pierre Pradervand,

It has been said that Albert Einstein once asked the question: « Is the universe friendly? » Although this quote may well be erroneously attributed to him, the question is possibly the most fundamental one any thinking person can ask.

Personally, not only do I believe we live in a very friendly – even exceptionally loving – universe, I believe this universe is moment by moment conspiring for our good. It is so incredibly restful to become aware of this and literally feelit in our bones.

Somehow, this conviction rests upon what one could call a primeval trust, a deep feeling born not of some logical reasoning but on what I believe are profound experiences from our very earliest childhood days that our surroundings and family were a safe place for us to be in. However; I also believe that someone who has not had such trustful experiences can reach this state of trust by constant work on themselves, be it of a spiritual or psychological nature.

Such a conviction is growingly precious in the rather wild world we live in, where change goes on at an ever-accelerating rhythm – at times literally a crazy one. And not only is this universe infinitely friendly and loving, but it has a built-in guidance system that operates, I believe, both on the individual and collective levels.

So, precious friend, just let out that deep sigh and relax! You are totally taken care of. Even your own foibles and mistakes or what appears to some as a malign fate cannot foil the perfect plan for your life. Go into the deep silence. Listen, and listen again, and listen still deeper.

As A Course in Miracles says so gently, “If you knew who walks beside you on the path you have chosen, fear would be impossible”. With such company, in such a friendly universe, is there any alternative to trusting that Love is running the show?