What does the colour of your aura say about you

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If you have ever tried to read your own aura or you have asked someone to do it for you, you will likely have wondered what it means to have a blue or a green aura surrounding your body.

When it comes to auras it might seem like it means nothing, but there is a lot of reason to look for your aura and understand it to better understand yourself. There is aura energy healing which can take your aura and use it to heal the body, and the different colours you see will help you see what kind of person you really are. Here are some of the colours you could see and what they mean for you.


If you see a red aura surrounding your body you are a healthy person, as this represents the blood flowing through your veins and a strong circulatory system. However red can also pertain to being a little aggressive and short tempered so make sure you train yourself to be calm and not let your emotions get the best of you.


Orange represents the reproductive organs and it is also something which can tell you that you are healthy emotionally. You are generally a sociable and bubbly person, however you can be the victim of stress and addiction if you let your sociability get too far.


Yellow is a colour we all associate as being the happiest colour in the rainbow and this is also true when it comes to your aura. If you have a yellow aura you are likely a very optimistic person and you have an easy going nature to you. You are always full of bright ideas and you are happy to share your knowledge with others.


Green auras pertain to someone who is balanced and healthy in their lives and in their mind too. They are the kind of person who loves to be outside and they are always happy to be around nature and the wild. They are respectful and open people.


This colour of aura is one which is often seen in someone who is a medical professional or care for a living. It is a colour which means compassion and love towards others and shows a sensitivity which the person has towards other people.


Blue is a colour which often represents someone who is calm and collected and easy to get along with in life. It will often be with parent figures and those in charge of care and it represents the ability to empathise and care for others.


This represents someone who is open to the spiritual world and is able to see beyond what most see. It is a sign of intuition and instinct which can be unique and useful in life.


People with a violet coloured aura are represent the nervous system and therefore these people are the most sensitive of all. They are in touch with their own and everyone else’s feelings, they love deeply and they are creative souls. These are the artists, musicians and emotional souls of the world.