Q&A with Leon Bibi, author of Adam Decoded

1. What is Adam Decoded about? And, why did you write it?

Adam Decoded is the second book of a trilogy entitled “The Adam Series”. My first book – “Adam = Alien” initiated a new approach to human evolution positing extraterrestrial visitation and manipulation of CroMagnon genes to create a slave species. It elaborates theories posited by Von Daniken and Sitchen, showing proof using pyramids, monoliths and UFO’s as the main evidentiary support. “Adam Decoded” delves more into evolution and biological manipulation of our genes and explains why the Anunnaki wanted to create us. While I still do discuss pyramids and their incredible technological abilities, I show evidence of Egyptian hieroglyphs and Sumerian texts which “encode” the truth. I talk about the reasons our conventional media won’t allow the truth to be released and the code written right before our eyes. I involve the reader to help decode the truth.

2. What are you hoping readers gain from the book?

I hope the readers will gain insight into how valuable the Sumerian texts actually are in telling a true story of our origins. Who we are. Why we are here. The gods that made us. Their description, appearance and their individual personalities that really mirror human beings of today – some that are selfish, egotistical and power-driven, others sympathetic, caring and educating humans in social, civil, political and economic structures. They should understand that the Bible is very selective in its wording on stories about Genesis, and uses code to insinuate the gods’ influence. From the Garden of Eden to the Flood to the Tower of Babel, the Anunnaki influence is all-encompassing.

3. What did you learn about yourself as you wrote the book?

I learned that I am a seeker of the truth. I investigate textual and pictographical evidence to support my thesis, and am constantly learning how myth is history and vice-versa. How much influence wealthy industrialists and financial barons manipulate our education system to fabricate myths so as to support their own personal wealth and endeavors. How selfish these humans are and concerned only with their own survival. The lies they weave are believed by billions of people as “the truth”, and they actually make money sustaining them through religion. Faith is interest on a principal that is a façade. We live in a paradigm shift of the believers (slaves) and the non-believers (critical thinkers) that are on to their scheme.

4. The book has been described as: Controversial and explosive foray into the truth about the “missing link” that evaded Charles Darwin. It takes the reader on a journey to evaluate clues given in the Bible, ancient archaeology and Sumerian texts written in code 4,000 years ago. These clues shake the foundations of conventional science, history and religion.

What sort of clues are in there and how would they shake the foundations of conventional science, history and religion?

Some of the clues in the book revolve around the differences between the genetic makeup of primates and homo sapiens. 223 genes in homo sapiens are unaccounted for. Genes involving speech, cranial capacity, spatial thinking and even mutations that carry disease such as diabetes. All these 223 genes are unique, unevolved, non-evolutionary additions to homo sapiens. Where did they come from? How were they exacted into our makeup? Who intervened, and why? What is “junk DNA” and why is it called “junk”? Some clues are Biblical and others are written in Sumerian tablets in cuneiform that has already been deciphered. But why are these invaluable tablets not taught in every classroom in America? Why have so few people heard of these Sumerian tablets and what they say? Who are the gods of Egypt, Iraq and Greece, and how did they grow so large and carry such awesome weapons? Are they myth? Or actually real, flesh and blood humans? How did our brains evolve from 950cc to 1400 cc practically overnight? They certainly could not have evolved so quickly based on prior evolutionary markers. Were giants real? Are all these bones discovered of 7ft and 8ft humans in America fake? If Darwinism is true, were are all the transitional fossil evidence?

5. What advice would you give to people who are searching for more clues and meaning from the Bible or Spiritual texts

My advice would be to read with a different eye. To read as if we weren’t created by a single God, but many gods from pre-history. That the missing link lies in outer space.

6. Anything else?

I hope that open-minded thinkers read and study the Sumerian tablets and their relationship to the Bible. The stories are predominantly the same with some minor, yet supremely important differences. The words are subtle, yet impactful. Read as if they are true, the story is true, and we are kindergarten children in a universe of mature adults.


  1. Mary Boyd says:

    Love your books, am waiting for the 3rd,. Any idea of when it will come out? Thanks Mary

  2. Mary Boyd says:

    Also, I think I decoded your puzzle. Mary

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