Film features conversation with “Father of the near-death-experience”, Raymond Moody MD, PhD & Dr. Eben Alexander

CwithEben-691x1024Dr. Eben Alexander III, MD is a neurosurgeon who formerly served on the faculty at Harvard Medical School from 1988-2001. In November 2008, Dr. Alexander had a profound life-changing near-death experience. He wrote about it in the number one bestseller ‘Proof of Heaven’. Dr. Raymond Moody is the leading authority on the “near-death experience” – a phrase he coined in the late seventies. The New York Times calls him “the father of the near-death experience.” In a new groundbreaking film made by David Hinshaw, Conversations with Raymond Moody and Eben Alexander, Dr. Moody and Dr. Alexander discuss Dr. Alexander’s beyond death experience and the issues surrounding the near death experience. For example, Dr. Alexander candidly talks about his experience of being clinically dead for a week which is unlike any other near death experience ever detailed. After hearing about Dr. Alexander’s near death experience, Raymond Moody said:

Dr. Eben Alexander’s near death experience is the most astounding I have heard in more than four decades of studying this phenomenon…one of the crown jewels of all near death experiences…Dr. Alexander is living proof of an afterlife.”

Throughout the film, their conversation advances the discussion to a whole new level questioning the scientific and spiritual methodology, offering new insights into the ultimate human questions. Their discussion goes beyond the normal emotional, subjective, discussion to consider science, quantum physics, the question of the soul and the possibility of the eventual combination of science and spirituality as partners rather than adversaries. Some of the highlights of the film are:

– That consciousness does not depend on the brain but, is much richer when it is freed from the brain
– Dr. Alexander’s concept of a Soul School and why we are here
– What is the greatest lesson of all NDEs?
– Dr. Alexander reveals the identity of the mysterious angel who was his guide while he was having his beyond death experience

As you watch the film, you can see the passion, joy and openheartedness in Dr. Alexander’s face (a former agnostic neurosurgeon) as he talks about what it was like to have a near death experience that, he, a medical doctor, could not explain via science. His account sparks Dr. Moody to respond with delight and compassion.

This movie shows firsthand how a near death experience can truly be transformative. It also restores our faith in the possibility that their truly is life after death and that the Divine has a plan for all of us.

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