Secret Techniques & Powerful, Transformational Energy-Portals of the Egyptian Sephiroth

By Jill Mattson

The secrets of the sacred Tree-of-Life in the Kabbalah tradition originate from deep within the Ancient Egyptian Temple Traditions. Both traditions regard each circlein the Tree-of-Life Blueprint (see the above figure), called a Sephiroth, as a portal of higher dimensional energy.

Recall that Moses, a Hebrew, was raised as a Pharaoh’s son, giving him access to all the deepest secrets of powerful Egypt. The most important secrets of Egypt (pyramid building, mummification) were not written down (the more precious the secret, the greater the silence). Yet, the oral tradition of the Hebrews was written down…. in the Kabballah. The prize secret of the Hebrews was the Tree of Life and the 10 Sephiroth, originating from ancient Egypt.

In an analogy, think of Moses’s god, YWHY, as one clear quartz prism. Light shining through spreads into rainbow colors (or the Sephiroth). The powerful pharaohs of Egypt believed that their Gods guarded and embodied these Gateways of Powerful Uplifting Energies: the Sephiroth. The combined power of all of the Egyptian gods and temples combines into a matric of supreme power… the Tree of Life and it’s Sephiroth.

There are ten portals in the Tree-of-Life diagram. Legends tell that God, or All That Is, descended into matter to experience life at the human level. Beginning at the highest circle (above) we begin with the essence of God. As we move down the diagram we successively step down and compartmentalize energies; each step down becoming denser- a progressively smaller – more limited – pocket of energy.

 “As above, so below”.Humans experience a weak shadow of this divine energy. Humans experience thumb prints of this consciousness, but in a less powerful form. The energies in duality are malleable (often negative) … and create denser, slower versions of the Holographic, Higher Dimensional Energies. This limitation enables us to experience being human, embodying the denser form of these energies.

These High Energy Streams were locked from human beings. The keys to the Sephiroth were hidden, in plain sight, carved – time and time again – in indelible stone!  The Sephiroth “breadcrumbs” are a trail to help us find our way back home, to ALL CONSCIOUSNESS and ALL AWARENESS.

The Higher Beings that created these “quantum energy locks” were thinner in substance, quicker (think of an elf or faery) than humans are. How would “Higher Evolved Beings” keep subtle and quantum energies blocked? They could penetrate steel or iron! Modern physicists’ String Theory is based simply on different vibrations of an infinitesimal string. Sound, colors, lights and shapes would tangle energies – creating huge, impossible knots in infinitesimal strings – locks.

Humans always long for the divine and sweet remembrance of higher energies. Ancient disciples focused on each Sephiroth symbol to resonate with the Higher powerful streams of transforming energies.

The spiritual mastery of the Egyptians was their key to their enduring power. The Egyptian fascination/obsession with Life after death… is reflected in their pyramids, monuments, mummifications, death rituals …AND the Sephiroth. The Sephiroth … are Resurrection Frequencies… Tree of Life Transformations.

We are children of god, with a weak potion of His energy. Now it is time to unleash the full power of the resurrection codes– as we are the children of God – growing up.

Sound Codes – the Sephiroth Attunements

Within each Sephiroth are ancient Hebrew letters, which are vibrational codes, dictating frequencies, harmonics and spelling a word. Ancient systems, such as gematria, converted energy between symbols, numbers, musical notes and alphabet letters. The writings on each Sephiroth can be depicted as sound energy.

The Sephiroth were also reflected by numerical energy: each Sephiroth is numbered 1 to 10. Pythagoras said, “All is Number!” Just what does that mean? Everything is energy. Energy vibrates. Pulsations of energies can be counted and are called frequencies. Modern physicists’ String Theory is based simply on different vibrations of an infinitesimal string. Therefore in our world all is number, expressed as vibrating strings (or frequencies). Numbers can also be expressed as cycles per second or sound.

The method of converting the Sephiroth’s shapes to frequencies and harmonic patterns was one of the deepest ancient secrets, but now these methods are returned to us – as we journey back to the divine. The author has created the powerful sound version of the Sephiroth! Sound, being the most powerful subtle energy dosage possible, enables us to propel our energies into powerful realms, quickly.

The Sephiroth Energies are the Blueprint of Divine Energies! What are blueprints of energies? Think of E=mC2. A simple formula underlies the basic universal energies. How about our DNA? Life’s secret code in a helix blueprint containing all our physical body’ plans. In a similar way,each Sephiroth has its own energy, one that we experience in a dense and less powerful form. Yet, when we look at the symbols of the Sephiroth or listen to their powerful sounds, we sync with the energy version of the High DimensionalPowerful Sephiroth. It is powerful & divine medicine!

Jill Mattson Bio

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!   She has produced nine CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.  Jill is a four – time author. (The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).  Jill has participating in many hundreds of teleseminars, radios shows, and magazines! She offers an online Sound Healing School. Jill presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues using the benefits of sound! Free music & School of Sound Healing… and Sephiroth attunements at the “school of soundhealing” at