4 Hacks For Staying Healthy In The Kitchen

Shopping for food, storing it, preparing it and then finally cooking it can seem like a part-time job. That’s why it’s so easy for junk food and unhealthy eating practices to sneak their way into your household. To stay healthy, while saving time and minimizing hassles, consider these key kitchen hacks.

1. Remember, Fruit Is The Fastest, Fast Food

Keeping your fridge stocked with fruit is an ideal way to prevent snacking on junk food. The natural sugar present will give you a slight boost without the need for chips, chocolate, or biscuits.

One of the reasons people end up munching out on junk food is because they are hungry, but can’t be bothered preparing a meal. Well, fruit requires no preparation (other than perhaps a quick rinse), so try and select a range of different fruits every time you visit the supermarket.

  1. Be Careful With Cooking Oils

The truth is we need some fats and oils in our diet, but it is important to select the right kinds. Then after the correct decision, it still pays to go easy on them when cooking.

To make things easier in the kitchen, consider choosing the best oil mister. These are reusable spray cans, and users can select what oil (a healthy one!) goes inside. This handy addition to your kitchen will also help you manage your serving sizes. For example, you don’t want to saturate salads with too much oil.

  1. Get A Fast (Or Slow) Cooker

Pressure cookers are an easy way to cook up a storm with little hassle. Simply cut up some vegetables and throw them into the pot, along with some meat. Add some water and stock to make a sauce, and then turn on the cooker and walk away. The outcome will be a nutritious meal.

Remember, pressure cookers are powerful and cook fast (expect a full meal within 25-40 minutes). Don’t forget; they can easily handle frozen meat.

An alternative is to get a slow cooker. Of course, these aren’t as powerful. However, the same principles apply. Simply throw together your ingredients, turn on the cooker (this time in the morning or early afternoon) and walk away. You will have a delicious meal by dinnertime.

  1. Utilize Your Leftovers

Store bought freezer meals are usually of borderline quality, and many don’t taste that great. You are better off using your leftovers to prepare your freezer meals. These will be healthier, allow you to avoid preservatives and sodium, and help you save money. Just purchase a bunch of cheap plastic containers to store them in.

Each time you cook, try and make more than you think you will need. Doing so will assure you always have a meal waiting for you in the freezer.


Everyone wants to supply the healthiest meals to their household. Of course, it is not always as easy as it sounds. A busy schedule, growing (hungry) children, and other demands can throw your kitchen out of sync. By incorporating these hacks, you will be able to make things that much simpler and hopefully reduce your workload.