The sound of leaves

The following piece is by Maria Rago, the contemporary pianist celebrating her relationship with nature in her new video, The Sound Of Leaves.

Inside the womb of the forest there is rhythm and harmony but also a lonely silence and it is in that silence that the pianos voice moves slowly to enter in the mystery of the Nature. Guided by a Muse, the drammatic dark notes vibrate among the trees and one by one they carry the aged circle of Eternity.

Suddenly flickers of sunlight embrace the foliage and, the music begins to dance twisted to a leaf and immersed on the wind, water and air.

Leaves bear witness to our daily lives. They preserve thoughts,desires,and the salty taste of tears.

Leaves are well versed in farewells and returns.They also preserve light hearted happiness and melancholy.

Aimlessly they travel, running, dancing, and resting while gazing upward. They live in the seasons, and their words are muted by the footsteps of human life.

Eventually leaves will grow old and shatter, while being dispersed and thrust by the wind.

Our life’s dance is but small glimpses in the grandness of the universe. At times we need to break through our boundaries, and spread our wings. Our existence does not differ greatly from that of a leaf, whise beginning lies in arms of a branch.

We are like the leaves that are hanging from a thin thread that dangles from the sky!