Bles’d releases new single “Oseh Shalom”

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Bles’d, a new band out of Venice California is celebrating the release of their first single “Oseh Shalom,” a new, soulful take on the traditional Jewish prayer.

Bles’d was born out of a desire to give people a new way to access their spirituality through music and community. “Our hope,” says Jeremy Lawrence, a founding member, “is that Bles’d helps people transcend the boundaries that make us different to create a feeling of oneness.” The band is the first to say that this music is not exclusive to the Jewish community, but spiritual music for all people.

Oseh Shalom is the first of many tracks breathing new life into traditional prayer songs and teachings. A few members of Bles’d channeled the hook of “Oseh Shalom” on Yom Kippur 2016, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. They realized this was the start of something unique and spent the next few months completing the song. Jeremy continues: “I had always been told that
Hebrew has a healing and mystical quality to it, at a vibrational level, and producing this record proved that to me. I’d listen to these words on repeat for hours on end and couldn’t help but feel overcome with spirit and joy.” The band members felt the same way and agreed that we had something special we needed to share with the world.

Bles’d met while navigating the Jewish music scene in Los Angeles and decided to use their music as a healing mechanism for the world’s growing uncertainties. The band is made up of Ayo Awosika (currently touring with Miley Cyrus), Jeremy Lawrence (Music on AMC’s Shameless), Lily Elise (Team Christina on the first season of The Voice), Dave Lewis (of The Dave Lewis
Trio), Brock Pollock (original score for “Between the Miles”) and Zach Puchtel (divine rhyme performer in Los Angeles)

For more information about Bles’d, you can visit their website at


  1. Robin Mitchell says:

    Jeremy – may you cherish this spirit forever and hold to the beautiful impact music, poetry, movement and art that are in you wrapped up in your faith and love are having on this world.

    Love ya,

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