Ways to Stay Spiritually Centered and Balanced During Big Life Changes

Your body may be trying to panic but it is the brain’s job to prevent you from breaking out into a sweat and taking off every time a major challenge or change awaits you. Expect to feel anxiety, worry, doubt, dread, and lots of other very strong feelings as you make decisions that can actually be great for your life in the long-term. Obviously, doing something like completing an online doctor of nursing is only going to benefit you, but that may not stop your palms from getting sweaty when you go to sign up. Humans are adapted to put up extreme resistance when life starts to go into a new direction, good or bad. Here’s how you can keep yourself focused on staying spiritually centered so that all doubts melt away during your transitions.

Don’t Make Decisions When You Have Doubts

Ever try to go to the grocery store so that you can buy what you need to prepare yourself a meal when you were really hungry? If you were lucky you made it out with something decent to eat, but not without second guessing yourself and your decisions over and over again. Simply don’t put yourself in any kind of circumstance that would allow you to doubt your decisions, direction, or point of focus. Those that know the merits of attaining a DNP vs NP don’t need to have outside discussions or mentally go back on their decisions. Once you know what change you’re going to make in life, there won’t be any purpose behind doubting it.

Just Breathe

If you ever feel your body starting to tense up or you begin playing a mental movie filled with negative images that represent potential failures, just breathe in and out until the stress fades away. You can totally manifest bad things in your life if that’s all you think of. Breathing will help to keep you mentally balanced so that your energy stays more positive. Taking deep breaths will keep your brain oxygenated so that you can make big decisions without being panicked and you will remain calm even when you want to scream. Practicing breathing and centering yourself before reacting to stress.

Meditating and Calming Your Center

Sitting down with your back properly aligned, your legs crossed, eyes closed and mind clear will bring you peace. In fact, it really doesn’t matter what methods you use to help eliminate stress and radiate positivity in your life as long as you know that it works for you. Some people find yoga to be helpful when they want to be centered ahead of a big decision. For you, it could actually help to listen to heavy metal and play air guitar, but everyone has a different way to clear their heads.

Staying centered spiritually is an active task. You may need to wake up and do the same thing every day for months before you feel lasting peace in your heart. Find tranquility and peace of mind so that you will always have the courage to change.