Q&A with Roser Segarra, author of Living on Earth: A Guide to Help you Achieve Health, Happiness, and Success

Q&A with Roser Segarra, author of Living on Earth: A Guide to Help you Achieve health, happiness, and success

1. What is your book about and why did you write it?

Living On Earth is a self help/spiritual guidebook that provides the reader all the necessary tools to achieve health, happiness, and success.

In my teens I started to develop a great interest in self help and spiritual books. I was bullied as I child and subsequently I struggled for many years. I wanted to find out how to gain more confidence, and overall I just wanted to feel better. I was longing to understand the bigger meaning in life. I felt there was more to it than just our bodies, but what was it?

Living on Earth reflects the knowledge I have gathered over the past 25 years reading and researching books on self help, spirituality, personal growth, and healing the body and soul. It also reflects the knowledge I have gained in my corporate career. I’m an accounting professional and I have served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Vice President of Finance for numerous years.

I have resolved and healed my biggest emotional issues with the knowledge I have gained over the years. Along the way, I have also learned a lot of things in the areas of career, manifesting the lifestyle I want, and maintaining my health which has greatly helped me in my path to success.

I always had a feeling I would write a book one day. When I was young I didn’t know what the book would be about, or why I would write it, but I knew I would at some point. In my late twenties I started to realize that my future book would be a summary of everything I was learning; I had learnt a great deal over the years but there wasn’t a book in the market with all that information together, readily available. So that is the reason why I have written Living on Earth: to combine all that information and to share my knowledge, in the hope that it will help other people too.

2. You talk about helping people live the life of their dreams. Can you give examples of people who are doing that and how they did that?

Living on Earth will certainly help people achieve the life of their dreams, but how they do that will depend on what their dreams are.

Some people dream of having lots of money, and of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having money (and my book is geared towards showing the reader how achieve that too), but if you really think about what is bothering you the most you will probably come up with additional answers, like finding a romantic soul mate, ending a difficult relationship, understanding why somebody hurt you and finding forgiveness, losing weight, and many other emotional and physical health issues that money by itself can’t bring or heal.

The reader will be able to achieve their dream, or dreams, whatever they might be, by following the spiritual laws of the universe and using the tools and knowledge as outlined in Living on Earth.

The best example of success I can give you is my own personal experience. I had a difficult childhood and lots of emotional issues that needing healing, but I didn’t have the tools to achieve that. Living on Earth contains all the tools that I wished I had 25 years ago.

Living on Earth is broken down in 3 parts:

In Part I: “In the Beginning,” I explore the nature of the Field of Consciousness that surrounds us and keeps us connected to our higher selves (this is where we get the information that comes from our intuition).

The reader will learn about the planning sessions and the contracts that our souls agree to with other family members before coming to Earth. This understanding completely changed my perception of hurtful people and events. My healing began with this first step, reading and researching books about reincarnation and how we plan our upcoming lives on Earth. The reader will also learn about our soul evolution, from baby to old soul.

In Part II: “Being on Earth,” the reader will learn about the Spiritual Laws that govern the universe, giving particular attention to the Law of Karma, the Law of Attraction, and the Laws of Creation (The Law of Intention, the Law of Request, and the Laws of Faith and Attachment).

The reader will understand how to find their life purpose, and they will learn which tools will help them achieve their goals and dreams. For example, the reader will learn how to use the power of their mind to create, how their thoughts impact everything around them, the difference between balancing and releasing karma, the role of gratitude, how to listen to their intuition, the power of goal setting, how to take responsibility for their lives, how not to sabotage their own manifesting, and much more.

In Part III: “Healing Body and Soul,” I explore the tools to find harmony and health in the human body, why diets don’t work, what people can do to lose weight, and the role of exercise in their quest to lose weight. The reader will learn about alternative therapies, the importance of conventional therapies, and how to choose the most appropriate therapy for them.

The reader will also learn self healing tools available to them, including the power of their mind to heal, the role of adequate nutrition, how to heal difficult relationships, and ultimately, how to heal their inner wounds.

3. What advice would you give to people who have been following their dreams for over 10 years, but still haven’t reached their dreams? How can people follow their dreams when they are bogged down with paying their bills, trying to raise a family, or dealing with the daily responsibilities of life?

I didn’t know this when I started my corporate career, but everything in this universe starts with clarity and intent. One thing is to wish for more money or a better job, and another one is to create a road map to achieve it. Many times the issue is that we don’t know where to start, how the Spiritual Laws of the universe work, or why “nothing” seems to be working in our lives.

The first thing to do is to get clear about what you want; “more money” in general is too vague. If somebody handed you money today, what would you do with it? What is its best use? Then you ask for that. If you have a relationship issue, what do you exactly want to accomplish with the resolution? You need to understand what is bothering you the most in the short term and tackle that. Eventually, in the longer term, we all (generally) want to have plenty of money and live happily ever after, but we need to start with the items that are bothering us the most first, to clear the path. It is likely that these items are the ones which are taking most of your energy and thoughts during the day.

Second, you need to ask for what you want. Sometimes we don’t understand how much help there is available to us from the higher realms (our guides and angels), or how to ask for it. Your guides will give you assistance and clues. You can ask for help mentally, writing them a letter, or meditating. They will provide the answers in many forms, but primarily via your intuition.

Your soul will always assist too. Your emotions are not random occurrences. Have you ever looked at something that gave you the chills, or felt a sudden sunken gut feeling? That is your intuition talking to you, giving you signals as to what you need to know. We use this tool many times although perhaps unconsciously. We conclude” “I didn’t do it because it didn’t feel right,” yet we have no logical explanation how we came to that conclusion.

Our emotions also tell us if our thoughts at any given moment are a vibrationally match to how our higher self (or soul) perceives us, that is, to what our soul knows as being the truth. This is the reason we feel awful when we think “I don’t amount to anything,” or “I’m so ugly.” Our soul knows that this is not true, and it is giving us the corresponding emotion of feeling awful so we are able to recognize that.

Following your inner promptings and listening to your intuition will lead you to the answers you seek.

Depending what you are asking for, it is also very important to create a document outlining your goals and how you will achieve them. This might seem time consuming, but we need to take action to see changes in our lives. If we do nothing we will remain wishing for a better life, but not getting it. It doesn’t matter how you ask, what is important is that you do.

Your soul knew what you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime, and is repeatedly reminding you of it. This is the reason why you have a “dream” (an internal longing, or desire) to be a photographer, a pilot, or a healer. Your soul is reminding you of what you came to do, be, or have, and it will lead you in that direction, but in most cases you haven’t been taught that you can listen to it, or how to do it.

In the end, what is really important is that you take action. It doesn’t need to take hours away from your day, or cost money. But you can start planning your life, getting clarity, listening to your intuition, communicating with your guides and angels, and using the power of your mind to create abundance and heal your body and soul.

Living on Earth will also teach the reader how to avoid sabotaging their own manifesting and how to take responsibility for their lives.

4. What has been most helpful to you in trying to follow your dreams.

First of all, the understanding that we are all equal and we can all create the life of our dreams, because we are all the same, created from the same mass with the same energy potential. Nobody can have a dream without being able to find the tools to make it come true. Nido Qubein, businessman, motivational speaker, and author, said: “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start.”

Second, I have read a large amount of personal growth books that took away my irrational fears of failure, and helped me gain a lot of confidence. They helped me understand my worth and belief in myself. I mention and recommend some of them in Living on Earth, but I also explain what I learnt from them and how I achieved success. The reader doesn’t need to buy them in order to achieve what they want, but I have listed them in case the reader wants to read further on the topic.

Third, I became very detached from the result, because I have learnt that we can be happy regardless of how much we have. So, for example if I didn’t get a promotion, or a job I had applied for, I knew that something better was to come. I have learnt to be grateful with little, and in turn it has all been multiplied ten fold.

Please remember this: you have come to this world on purpose, and you knew what you were doing. We all have a specific destiny to fulfill.

Living on Earth is not easy, but you can find your path to joy. This book will help you achieve health, happiness, and success.