The Truth About Karma

By James Schwartz, author of One Voice, Sacred Wisdom

We’ve all had those moments in life where someone takes advantage of us and then sails off into the sunset never to be heard from again. And sometimes, when our irritation comes to the surface, the only way we can make ourselves feel better is to blurt out those forceful words: “Just wait until karma catches up with you!” But does it really work that way?

I wanted to know. So, I set out to find the truth about karma and many of life’s other great mysteries. I did this in an unconventional way: by asking the guides. I don’t mean my guides: I was actually asking the guides of others. You see, I practice a modality called alchemical hypnosis where my clients bring in their guides and their angels and then I ask questions of those guides. Those guides could be spirit guides or angels, but there were also animal guides, balls of energy, ancestors, religious figures, master guides, Divine energy and even guides that could be best described as aliens. So what did those guides say about karma?

I began the conversations by asking about the nature of God or Universe or Source or whatever term was most appropriate, and I was repeatedly told that the best descriptor was “energy.” Then, when I asked for more information about this Energy that makes up what we refer to as the Divine, it was always described as all-loving and all-forgiving. The notion that God is punishing or vengeful was never embraced by the guides, and the guides emphatically said that those depictions of God as punishing were man-made notions.

Here is an actual communication from Jason (not his real name) who was communicating with Divine energy when I asked about karma.

JS: Is there karma for people who come [here] and do things that we label as bad?

Jason: No.

JS: Why not?

Jason: We’re letting go of the concept of karma. In the past, the concept of karma has been connected with physics, and in physics you do one action and then there is an equal and opposite reaction. In order to understand that, that’s externalized. The connection with karma is externalized because you have to rely on an external contract being, God/Goddess, to tell you whether you’re right, wrong, or on track or not on track. A new way of looking at karma would be to connect that with ourselves and our doing.

This answer from Jason’s guide says that in order for there to be karma, it would mean that Divine energy would first have to be judgmental and then enact punishment or retribution for our misdeeds. This would contradict the perception of a loving and forgiving God.

The answers I received from the guides about karma were much like what individuals have reported who have undergone near death experiences. When someone crosses the veil and then comes back, they typically report a feeling of complete love and warmth and acceptance from the other side, and that is exactly how the guides described it. The only judgement that goes on appears to be one’s self-judgement when each individual participates in their own life review, a process in which we look back at our life and evaluate what we did right and what we did wrong. Observing our indiscretions, and the lessons we ignored, appear to be the closest thing we have to karma. Internally, perhaps on a spiritual level, we have a drive to fix what we did wrong, so we often ask for a redo-with even tougher
lessons-for the next incarnation. It is important to understand that individuals make that choice, not the Divine.

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