New Novel Shares a Poignant, Inspirational Tale of a Love Across Lifetimes

In her debut novel, Crescendo (Hay House/May 2017), author Amy Weiss shares a poignant story of eternal love, past lives, the higher self, and emergence into the ineffable space of oneness, as told through her heroine Aria.

No stranger to reincarnation, Amy Weiss is the daughter of internationally renowned author Dr. Brian Weiss. His seminal book “Many Lives, Many Masters” revealed a true account of his patient’s regression and memories of past lives.

According to Weiss, “I wrote my book to heal the pain of grief and the fear of death, and to remind us that we are souls having the adventure of a lifetime.”

Co-author of Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories, Weiss draws on her training as a licensed social worker, therapeutic harpist, artist, and writer to bring readers a stunning, page- turning novel filled with immense beauty and awareness. This transformational novel guides the readers
through the poetic soulful journey of main character Aria, who is not only searching for her beloved but for the song of her soul, which she discovers is of her making.

The novel includes a Reader’s Guide, which makes it a perfect selection for book club fans. Crescendo by Amy Weiss is now available at Amazon,, and with select book retailers nationwide. For more information please visit:

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