Q&A with Terry Larkin and Marjorie Steiner, authors The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence

1. What is The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence about and why did you write it?

Our book is a work of love, weaving together two very different experiences to create a powerful message. My Near-Death experience was life changing, but in 1982 it seemed safer to let my journey go inward. My life spiraled while traveling globally. Marjorie lost her 19-year-old daughter, Anne, in an accident. Marjorie was grief stricken. Terry was heartbroken. Standing in her kitchen, Marjorie was consumed by LIGHT that transformed agonizing sadness into joy and peace. Her experience connected with my powerful messages of God’s pure love. Intertwined with events, awe, and a common interest in searching for understanding, we began writing. Gaining extensive knowledge through spiritual growth, science discoveries and health, the sisters share insights with compassion for every reader’s unique journey.

Grief, laughter, light, and love brought us to write for others by expanding awareness, bringing peace, love and unity into our tangled and confusing world.

2. TerryYou experienced a near-death experience when you died in a car accident. What was your near death experience like? For example, what did you see or experience and how did that event change your life?

My spleen rupturing in 1982 profoundly changed my life. God’s unconditional love was infused in my heart and body wrapped in incredible white light. Viewing the incredible scene below, I saw my lifeless body as doctors and nurses attempted to revive me. I heard every word and the scene is still crystal clear. Details I knew shocked my doctor later. I could think logically and was reading emotions. I was a spiritual being in pure essence after death. I was moving in an altered time and space into luminescent dark and light clouds of gorgeous colors and sounds and then into the amazing presence of God. Knowledge and understanding of life was absorbed with no words spoken. Love is ALL there is, no fear, and our amazing healing potential were messages startling to many. When serious health problems came in 2006, I used my NDE knowledge and research to bring total health. With the help of medical professionals, God’s shared wisdom from within, and hard work, I am now in beautiful health. I want others to experience the joy our world has to offer when God’s love for all people is understood.

3. What is a “Light Gap”?

We used the concept of a Light Gap in the forest. The canopy can be so dense that only a trickle of light reaches the forest floor. Seeds have been waiting for the intense heat of the sun to begin the germination process to begin new life. One tree hit by lightning, wind, or old age can take down trees. A space opens on the forest floor that has life giving light, providing the opportunity for new growth. Our lives mirror this process. Tragedies are often like the trees falling in the forest. Seeds within us are waiting for the right conditions to germinate. New growth holds the key to insights, ideas we have not acted on, and accepting forgiveness. Most important, a space is made for us to hear the quiet voice of God talking directly to us, supporting us through the chaos. Often, it is in the middle of disaster, that the depths of our spiritual gifts are recognized for the first time. We deepen our understanding of reality. Our LIGHT experiences helped begin a journey of rebuilding and discovery.

4. How can we better experience God’s Presence in our life?

Expanding our concept of God is key. On our journey, we dug deeper into the meaning of life. God is not judging us. It took courage to change our beliefs, but we learned that courage along with joy, peace, strength, gratitude, compassion, and Divine Love are built into each person. Within us is a receiver picking up God energy waves like a radio. When we believe, we experience God within. We now know that there is life beyond what we call death, and that knowledge releases fear allowing us to live fully. We had to step into a whole new way of living. We discovered that our choices and our thoughts create our experiences. We now refuse to hate, be constantly sad or angry. Can we do this all the time? No. But we can catch ourselves. We meditate, read inspirational authors, and pray to keep us on track. We can turn to gratitude for what is good and beautiful around us. We have a choice.

5. Some people experience so much tragedy or problems in their life. It seems like one bad thing after another happens to some people. How can they manage to find joy or peace in their life?

This is a tough question because we don’t want to hear the answer. When my daughter died, the temptation was so strong to just quit. The culture around me was reinforcing the “poor me” way of looking at my situation. Losing a child is the worst thing they would say trying to help me, trying to keep the fear away from their own lives also. When we begin to think that the world is out to get us, that internal view draws more trouble to match it. Thoughts are constantly negative. God mourns with us. We must feel the pain of the injury and then let go. We need to retrain ourselves to lead with gratitude, to make a creative, positive plan to get to what we want out of life instead. Giving to others what we want for ourselves is another way to draw that high frequency positive energy into our own lives. Remembering that God is on our side helps. We need to step out of the old patterns where we create endless negative thoughts. If we create positive thoughts and actions, it will feed us. Higher frequencies bring more insight, peace, and joy.