Q&A with Dr. Scott Kolbaba, author of Physicians’ Untold Stories: Miraculous Experiences Doctors are Hesitant to Share with their Patients or ANYONE!

1. What is Physicians’ Untold Stories about and why did you write it?

 Physicians’ Untold Stories is my recently published anthology of miraculous physician experiences even they were hesitant to share with others. Dreams foretelling future events, apparitions and other amazing experiences fill this book, as practicing doctors recount the most unusual moments of their careers.

Meant to awe, instruct and inspire, these tales should convince even the harshest skeptic that there are things beyond this physical world and that sometimes, all we need to do is believe.

In addition, there is a section on the doctors themselves. Readers learn of their agonies and joys and, in their own words, how faith in the divine has shaped their lives.

It was written to spread the word that men and women of science still believe in a higher power.

2. In the book, doctors write about true stories they have personally experienced that cannot be explained by science. Most people would describe these stories as miraculous. Did any of these stories surprise you when you heard them? If so, would you mind sharing a story from the book?

 I interviewed over 200 physicians and heard some truly inspirational stories. However, I only included about 30 stories in the book. If the story did not give me goosebumps or move me to tears, it did not make the cut. Every one of these stories surprised and delighted me. I have attached one of my favorites here, Grandma O’Hanlon. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I first heard it. Be prepared for the goosebumps!

3. How would you explain why or how these miraculous experiences happen?

I enjoyed speaking with the physicians about their experiences, and each one felt that they were touched by a divine hand. They also felt that the experience helped strengthen their faith that there is a force higher than our mortal existence that loves us unconditionally and helps us in our daily lives. Most called this force God.

4. Why do you think some patients experience miracles that help them survive or recover and other patients do not experience miracles and sadly die or suffer in unimaginable ways?

 That is an excellent question and one I have pondered. That is similar to the age-old question of why bad things happen to good people. I recently heard a Ted talk about this from an English clergyman. He explained that even in the recent tsunami in Thailand, some people in the lower elevations were swept away and died, while one church located on the beach just happened to hold their service in the mountains, and they were all saved. His conclusion was profound and rang true for me. He simply said—I don’t know!

5. What would you say to skeptics who question these miraculous stories or discount them as luck?

 There are many “false prophets” among us and I believe people should be very skeptical when they hear stories that may or may not be true. I also believe that some things happen because of luck or good fortune. However, there are truly some amazing experiences that happen to people that can only be explained as miraculous or divine.

I tried to include experiences of only doctors that I knew personally and sometimes for over thirty years. These doctors by my selection are the pillars of the community. One serves as the chairman of the board of a local Christian College. Others are regularly involved in charity work, have solid family values, and were truly hesitant to share their stories because of fear of criticism. I intentionally used doctors because most respect the opinion of these scientists. I also selected a large number of physicians since it is more difficult to refute the experiences of only doctors.

Lastly, there is something to be said for how one feels inside when reading a story. I think we are often helped by that invisible force that testifies of the truthfulness of what we are learning. That judgement or intuition cannot be discounted.

6. What advice would you give to someone who has a friend or loved one facing a major medical problem or illness now and they are praying for a miracle?


Each physician author believes in a higher power that helps us in strange and wonderful ways. Believe in miracles.

7. Where can we get a copy of your book?

 It is available in a soft cover and Kindle through Amazon.com.

8. Anything else?

 Yes. Remember the little and sometimes big coincidences in your life and look for those miracles that you may have overlooked before. Amazing things happen to everyone, and often every day!