Interview with Dr. Lisa Weinrib on Intuitive Holistic Counseling

Dr. Lisa Weinrib, M.D, was board certified in internal medicine followed by rheumatology in 1986 and has provided intuitive holistic counseling since 2000. For fifteen years, Dr. Weinrib developed a successful private rheumatology practice in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Nevertheless, she grew dissatisfied with symptomatic treatment and felt that she was not truly getting to the root of the individual’s condition. This led her on a quest to investigate many alternative practices and remedies. Dr. Weinrib’s knowledge and experience with a variety of alternative therapies in combination with her enhanced inner wisdom, led her to develop a highly successful method of guiding and empowering individuals to manifest complete life changing and positive experiences. Dr. Weinrib’s work has also been featured in the documentary Edgar Cayce: the Beautiful Dreamer

I recently interviewed Dr. Lisa about her work as an intuitive holistic counselor. In our interview, she talks about what it was like for her to transition from a traditional doctor to an intuitive holistic counselor. She shares the type of clients she has helped and what her work is capable of doing. For more information, you can visit her website at or You can watch our interview by clicking play on the video above.