Q&A with Elm C. Valle, author of Soul Ascension: A Journey of Insights

Picture1Below is a Q&A with Elm C. Valle, author of Soul Ascension: A Journey of Insights

1. What is your book about and why did you write it?

Soul Ascension – A Journey of Insights is based on my experiences in life. I have traveled to and lived in many places, especially all over Europe. During my journey’s I realize that every moment we experience, whether it be a tribulation or triumph, provides us with important lessons and insights. I convey these insights, for daily use and provide readers with simple inspirations. The great thing about this book is that it’s not long, complicated or written in an academic way. I deliberately made it short and super simple in an effort to expand its reach and ensure it can touch the lives of as many people as possible, all around the world. It reads in exactly the same way my audience thinks. An important point to note is that I don’t directly give readers the answers they’re seeking – but instead the inspiration and space they need to deploy their own inner strength and figure things out for themselves. This is so much more life-changing that telling people what to do, directly. I wrote this book as a reminder to myself and hopefully others; that we all go through good times and bad times, and the important thing to remember is that ultimately, we choose how we live life every single day.

2. How did your work as a Captain in the Army influence your writing?

My experiences in the US Army definitely influenced the way I think and the way I write. As soldiers, we were taught very early in our military careers to keep it simple, so that people could understand us quickly and clearly. In the battlefield, there is very little time to convey ideas and communication is critical. This definitely is reflected in my writing style. My time in the Army, has also provided me many profound insights about the value of life, integrity, and dealing with adversity. In fact, there are a few examples in the book about my experiences. I think the military does prepare you mentally to deal and overcome adversity – and not to lay down or quietly accept negative circumstances. And no matter the situation or how desperate it may seem there is always a way to succeed.

3. You talk about maintaining the Warrior-Poet balanced lifestyle. What does that mean and how do you create that balance?

This is a very good question, and I dedicated a whole chapter on this in the book. In the book I state: “We are all natural fighters inside; and this is apparent with our survival instincts, our perseverance, and beliefs. As much as we are innate warriors, we are also poets deep in our hearts. Through music, art, and expression we exhibit the poet in us. This duality of warrior and poet is natural paradox within humanity. We seek peace and love yet we are quick to wage war and fight for our beliefs. To have the soul of a warrior does not necessarily mean to be combative nor does it fully apply to the physical world. The warrior’s soul is rooted deep within our hearts, minds, and spirits.”

I believe through the ages; we have lost this duality. We can achieve this balance by embracing the softer side of ourselves while remember we have to fight for what we believe in. This is especially true when the battles are within ourselves between virtues or vices. In other words, be gentle like a poet, but have the strength of a warrior.

4. What advice would you have for people working with veterans who want to help them with struggles in their life?

A veteran in pain, whether mental or physical, will never ask for help. It is not in our nature to ask for help from others. We were taught to hold it all so you will need to be patient with a veteran – listen when they talk – and really understand. The biggest problem is people cannot relate with a veteran. Most people will never truly understand the struggles they have been through. I think the best way to help a veteran is to demonstrate your gratitude and positivity towards them. That way, they don’t feel unappreciated or feel like that their suffering was for nothing. Just spend time with them – a great way is to keep them physically active – remember we were trained to be physically active all the time. Lastly, remind them they are loved and supported matter how difficult it can be.

5. What advice would you have for people who feel like they have tried everything and still see failure or struggle in their life?

Ha. I feel like this all the time. I would remind them that the experience itself is far more valuable than the result. We are too focused on the end result, but we forget that we learn more through our failures and I have never met a strong person who had an easy past. We cannot let failures define it; instead it should strengthen us. I would tell a struggling person that nothing worthwhile is easy. The greater the achievement, the greater the struggle. This is the only way to really appreciate success. Lastly, never ever give up! This is what being a Poet-Warrior really means. book

6. Where can we get a copy of your book?

The book is primarily available through Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle – Click here. Also available through Barnes and Nobles and soon through other ePublications such as iPhone and Nook.I also have a website: www.soul-ascension.com where I do weekly blogs and short stories similar to the content of the book.

7. Anything else?

I appreciate this opportunity and thank you for letting me share. I do hope people do read the book and give me their thoughts!