Call of Ancient Love track story

Musician Stan Gemes’ latest single, Call of Ancient Love, is featured in the video below. Following that, Stan writes about what inspired him to write that song. ‘Call of Ancient Love’ is from his new album Call of Ancient Love.

By Stan Gemes

It was 2011 and many people in the world were making big contribution and efforts for World Culture Festival in Berlin Olympic Stadium . It was my dream to make something great for thousands of people. While visiting this place with organizers one day I started to feel some vibe and the music has come. I wanted to share some nice last impressions before thousands of people coming from more then 100 countries to celebrate their life would leave the stadium.

Very soon I was asked by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ( He was the real producer of that show ) to make good final song for the Festival with laser show. Then the magic has come. While traveling in LA I was accidently introduced to German born music producer Nel Gerome with whom I shared my idea and immediately jumped to this project and I felt we like one family and worked for hundreds years together. He invited two more German singers to help with leading vocal for this track.

It took me 3 or 4 tries to make lyrics for this song. And I felt it was too childish. While visiting Frankfurt in Germany one months before the show I had shared my concerns with Sri Sri about lyrics. He simply smiled with His innocent and wise look. We are all in small group surrounded Him discussing some matters. Then in the middle of that chaos He started humming my melody with some touchy and skillful lyrics. Whoever had a recorder on their smart phones immediately jumped to record. We all afraid to miss that phenomenon. After finishing singing with crisp lyrics – Sri Sri said “ we need to sing about Call of Ancient Love that is part of us, that is caring and loving us, that unite us humans in our Human Pride that we miss, we should treat our Nature as alive being, we should celebrate our life.”

The Wow effect was ever lasting in my mind after this gift . It was big honor to perform for 30 000 people from more then 100 countries with such blessings of His Holiness to sing his wise and lovely message as final track with beautiful laser show.

Below you can watch a YouTube video about the World Cultural Festival, an Unforgettable Peace Festival with Dance, Music, Yoga, Meditation, and Food.