Interview with Jill Mangino, president of Circle 3 Media

In the picture below, Jill Mangino (right) with her Public Relations mentor Arielle Ford (left) at the Hay House I Can Do It! Conference in San Diego.


Jill Mangino is president of Circle 3 Media, a public relations and media consulting agency that specializes in promoting Natural Health & Wellness, Spas, Eco-Friendly, Human Potential and Non-Profit organizations, as well as, products, services and personalities that inspire and uplift humanity and positively impact the planet.

I had the honor of interviewing her about what is like to promote organizations and people who make such a positive impact on the world. In our candid conversation, she talks about some of the challenges she faces and offers advice for people who would like to break into the human potential industry either as an author or spiritual entrepreneur.  For more information you can visit her website by clicking here.

Listen to the Interview: