Pursuing Happiness movie

ph_keyart_fin1_cropped smallI just found out about Pursuing Happiness movie and it sounds great…Below is the synopsis from the website…

Happiness.  It is one of our greatest desires.  But what is happiness in the first place? How exactly do we achieve it? And when we do, how do we hold on to it.  In a country that grants its citizens the right to pursue happiness, surprisingly America is not among the happiest countries in the world.  Why is happiness so illusive?  What are we doing wrong?

Join the journey and discover the secrets to living a truly happy life as two film-makers travel the country in search of the happiest people in America.  Be ready to laugh and cry as they uncover real-life heartfelt stories from the most compelling characters. A young woman battling stage 4 colon cancer, a single dad who lost both of his arms, an impoverished painter single-handedly revitalizing his condemned neighborhood, and two vigilante artists fighting to save their bankrupt city.

These are among the happiest people in America.

Pursuing Happiness compares and contrasts these amazing stories with findings and teachings of some of the leading researchers on the subject of happiness.film festival

Pursuing Happiness will be premiering at the 2016 ILLUMINATE Film Festival, the world’s premier film festival for conscious cinema, June 1-5 in stunning Sedona, AZ. For tickets and info, visit www.illuminatefilmfestival.com