Interview with Jeff Brown, author of An Uncommon Bond, on how romantic relationships can lead to spiritual growth

I just had a fascinating interview with Jeff Brown about his new book An Uncommon Bond.

In our conversation, Jeff talks about:

1. How a romantic relationship can be a path to God and lead to spiritual growth.

2. How to have a romantic relationship where we connect with another person on a deep and intimate level while still maintaining healthy boundaries and keeping our identity.

3. Practical advice for people who are feeling lonely and looking for a romantic relationship that will lead to growth or a path to the Divine.

You can watch the entire video of our chat by clicking the play button in the video above.

During the interview, Jeff also points out the importance of staying grounded while also keeping our heart open to love. He talks about how a romantic relationship that is what he describes as an “Uncommon Bond” is not necessarily as sweet as a soulmate relationship because it may bring up inner turmoil, unresolved emotions, and shadow material. He speaks about the ups and downs that might come with a relationship based on an Uncommon Bond and how to navigate those ups and downs. However, as Jeff explains, if we are willing to hold a space for this turmoil and the difficult emotions that come with it and try to work through it, then we can experience a type of transpersonal connection and romantic relationship with another person. One result of this type of relationship is that it may have us “eating synchronicity for breakfast.” Uncommon bond

For example, Jeff writes in an Uncommon Bond:

“Let there be no doubt that all love connections are not created equal. Some bonds are simply practical. Others are blindly rooted in pathology and old traumas. Still others are opportunities to heal and have essential needs finally met. And some have a mystical quality from the first meeting. Pure and simple. Apparent from the first out-breath. Unmistakably sacred. God rising on the wings of their love. This is how the timely and the timeless become indistinguishable- when love meets God deep in the heart’s inner temple.”

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About Jeff Brown

A former criminal lawyer and psychotherapist, Jeff Brown is the author of Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation and Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground. Endorsed by authors Elizabeth Lesser, Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Katherine Woodward Thomas, Ascending is a collection of Jeff’s most popular spiritual graffiti—quotes, soul-bytes and aphorisms frequently shared in social media. He is also the author of the viral blog Apologies to the Divine Feminine (from a warrior in transition) and the producer and key journeyer in the award winning spiritual documentary–Karmageddon–which also stars Ram Dass, Seane Corn, David Life, Deva Premal and Miten. A regular contributor to Elephant Journal and Vivid Life, he has also written a series of inspirations for ABC’s Good Morning America and appeared on over 200 radio shows. He is the owner of Enrealment Press and the creator of a new online school–Soulshaping Institute–which launched in September, 2014. The second in his series of quotes books–Love it Forward–came out on Valentine’s Day 2014. Spiritual Graffiti is the third collection in the series. In addition, his higher consciousness love story–An Uncommon Bond–was published to great delight on May 1, 2015. You can connect with Jeff’s work at