Q&A with Alka Dhillon, author of The OM Factor: A Woman’s Spiritual Guide to Leadership

index1. What is the OM Factor?

The OM Factor is something that certain people possess, that just flow through life. They are managing many moving parts: for example they may have multi-million/billion dollar businesses, families, philanthropic endeavors, and they manage all of these things without feeling stressed about them. They navigate through their day without judging the magnitude of anything that they have to do. They do what is best for the situation in that moment. They flow through the day and are in the present moment only putting their focus on what is in front of them so that they can give that their full undivided attention. They do this because they know that our intentions manifest when we put our attention on them. Challenges arise in their lives and they respond rather than react to them. There is no doubt in their mind that they are divinely guided and that every situation has shown up in their life for a reason, and there is a lesson in it.

2. When did you first discover your OM Factor?

I am still cultivating my OM Factor daily. ☺ I discovered it about 19 years ago when I started to practice meditation regularly and I learned to go within and I realized that it was the place where all my intentions and desires would manifest. Not focusing externally on why things were or were not working, but going internally and connecting with my spirt and self. I started to see things come together without feeling anxiety about how they would come together. I started to see more seemingly insignificant coincidences become very significant as I began to pay attention to them. People just started to “show up” that played and continue to play integral roles in my personal success. The process of letting go actually ended up giving me so much.

3. How can a person develop their OM Factor?

People can develop their OM Factor by cultivating several specific key traits that I discuss in detail in the book. These traits are very important to cultivate because they all make up the various characteristics of someone who has the OM Factor. Those people have these specific traits and practice cultivating these daily.

4. Why is spirituality so important for the workplace?

Spirituality is paramount in the workplace because we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. When we do any business deals or have conversations in relationships, we are doing them with human beings-not robots. Therefore we must work on understanding one another and deeply listen so that creativity can come in. Without this, everything is simply transactional and in business or in life that only goes so far. You may close the next 5 deals but that fuel will run out as it is not based on dealing with spiritual beings-it’s based on a very transactional mindset and that does not get replenished. When you deal with things spiritually or mindfully you have an infinite well of creativity and abundance at your disposal.

5. As founder and CEO of Technalink, how important is spirituality in your company?

Spirituality is the soul of Technalink. We all take the time to go within and connect with our highest selves and really have open and honest conversations where everyone’s opinion is not only heard but applied. Remember, leadership is not about leading by example. It is about aligning your vibration with that of the other person and developing a collective roadmap.