Q&A with Ariyana a Star Child, author of Light Atonement

Author_Image1. What is your book about?

LIGHT ATONMENT is about my life. I started writing this book as my memoir — from my childhood all the way to now. That includes my childhood in Japan, coming to United States at age 18, starting and building my furniture business at age 21, getting married, having children, getting a divorce, going on a incredible spiritual journey, and transition to become a healer and channeler. I also share my spiritual knowledge, introducing readers to my Star Family and their messages. I added the reflection section at the end of every chapter so readers can reflect on their lives and find clarity on where they need to move forward to.

2. Why did you write it?

It was originally intended to explain how I came to do what I do now (being a healer, channeler, and a consultant). But I was told that sharing my life story is a part of my life’s purpose and sharing truth will open up truth in others.

3. The book description says:

“but there are distractions—the entrepreneurial business with which she has become re-involved, her children, her ex-husband, and boyfriend.”

How did you balance your own spiritual journey and taking time for yourself with your business, with being a mother to your children, dealing with your ex-husband, and having a boyfriend?

Well, I am an ultimate multi-tasker 🙂 I enjoy all aspects of life and won’t miss any part of it. I can handle working, being a mother, on a spiritual path and having a partner at the same time.

4. What advice would you have for other women and men who are trying to balance these various roles in their life and still seeking spiritual wisdom and peace?LightAtonement_CoverImage

Follow your heart. I know it is difficult as the spiritual journey is sometimes unrewarding and a never-ending road that often contradicts itself with all we have learned and known. However, there is a good reason you are seeking and trust your urge. The reward is coming.

5. What did you learn about yourself as you wrote and published your book?

That I have unique gifts to share with the world. It is my honor and privilege to be able to share my gifts with others and contribute to the betterment of humanity and earth.


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