The Principle Documentary

A controversial new film addresses addresses one of the most heated debates of all time: Our place in the Cosmos.

What if everything you think you know about our Universe is wrong? Are we significant or just a cosmic accident? Does new evidence reveal the the largest structures in the observable Cosmos to be aligned with Earth or are we, as Carl Sagan asserts, random and insignificant? A new controversial documentary film THE PRINCIPLE reveals astounding new evidence impacting a question that has been debated by scientists and theologians for centuries; who are we, why are we here and do we have unique place in the cosmos? Are we simply one of millions of worlds teeming with life? Are we alone? Is there a divine architect or are we a freak cosmological accident?

Destined to become one of the most controversial films of our time, THE PRINCIPLE dares to go where few have gone before. It questions a foundational principle in cosmology: the Copernican Principle. At its basic core, the Copernican Principle states that the Earth is not in any specially favored or central location. The question of our place in the cosmos is the greatest scientific detective story in all of history. The world has been shaped by two great assertions: one places us in the center of it all and the other one relegates us to insignificance.

Directed by Katheryne KTEE Thomas, THE PRINCIPLE is the first documentary to examine this persistent puzzle at the heart of modern science. A remarkable look at the history of cosmology and and various scientific and theological questions, the film leaves viewers with new questions and new answers about our unique place in the universe and features a wide range of perspectives from modern day physicists and theologians including Dr. Michio Kaku, Max Tegmark and George Ellis and Robert A. Sungenis.

“It always seems like we’re in the center of the universe. But we’re really not” says contributor Lawrence Krauss, Director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University. “There’s nothing special about humans.” states contributor Michio Kaku, professor of Theoretical Physics at City College of New York. Conversely, Professor of Physics at the University of Adelaide John G. Hartnett says: “This idea that we’re not in any special place in the universe—there’s something wrong with that.” Producer/Write Rick DeLano states: “Our film aims to create an objective dialogue about one of the most hotly debated issues of our time—our place in the Cosmos.”

THE PRINCIPLE brings to light astonishing results from recent large-scale surveys of our universe—surveys that disclose unexpected evidence of a preferred direction in the cosmos, aligned with our supposedly insignificant Earth and leads viewers face-to-face with this most important question: What does this mean for the future of mankind? What are we discovering?

Viewers with open minds will discover in THE PRINCIPLE that even the outskirts of the Universe seem to be pointing toward one location: Earth. And posits that maybe we are not so alone and random as we have been led to believe.

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