Q&A with Francine Vale, author of Song of the Heart


Below is a Q&A with Francine Vale, author of Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light.

1. Why did you write SONG OF THE HEART: Walking the Path of Light?

 Prior to my profound experiences with the light as described in my introduction I was filled with a knowing that everything in my life was about to change.  The knowing was insistent and followed me everywhere. That’s why, when I had my golden light vision that showed me the book, I understood that I was to record everything I had learned so far, although I didn’t know why or what purpose it would serve.

2. What are some spiritual practices that you engage in regularly?

 My regular spiritual practices are many.  I meditate every day upon awakening, before retiring and often in between; when preparing for a healing, for an important meeting or social event. I look at my aura every day that I remember to. It is an inspirational activity to see one’s own light. I teach people how to see their own auras as well as the auras of others. I call this seeing one’s own light and seeing the light of others. People are humbled and amazed to recognize that we all shine with a spiritual light and it is a moment of warm friendship. There is a lot to say regarding one’s aura.

Another spiritual practice is to treat others with unfailing kindness regardless of what occurred in the past. I recognize that I don’t have to spend time with people who have hurt me but when we meet I will bring forth love and kindness which may possibly eventually heal whatever it is that may have been misinterpreted between us.  This is another big spiritual teaching. When I read on FB of people who are suffering I immediately send them blessings and surround them with healing frequencies.  Sometimes I leave a comment, other times I do it anonymously. I give everything away without expecting anything in return.  I enjoy living this way. It is a free and light way to live.  When someone asks me for something I enjoy giving more than they asked for.  It is a way of expressing gratitude for the blessings in my life. There are lots of ways to express one’s spiritual self and lots of opportunities present themselves on any given day.

Recently, I have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  I haven’t cried for myself for I know I will move past this and emerge well again, but I am moved to tears with every offer of prayer and with every heartfelt response.  Being loved by people you never realized cared so much is the most precious reward for living the spiritual life.

3. Who do you consider your spiritual elders and how have they influenced your writing?

 My spiritual elders are Buddha, Jesus, Hippocrates, the Baal Shem Tov and a long list of other Masters. I haven’t thought about their influence on my writing but to answer the question I will say, to write with Truth, to write with Love, to write with exactitude and with Kindness, to write at the right hand of God of all that I hold most dear including the hardship that taught me what I needed to learn and finally, to express in my writing a transcendent joy for the blessing of being here in physical form.

4. What are some struggles that you have faced when people find out that your perception of the world is derived from your past lives’ experiences?

 The struggles I have encountered were mostly with my husband and a relationship that followed. In my workshops with clients, friends or colleagues I feel absolutely free to discuss spirituality as desired by those present. If a non-believer should comment in an unkind way I allow them to hold their own opinion and do not argue. I point out that spiritual beliefs and concepts do not belong to me. They are ancient and if the person should feel so inspired they can go to various libraries around the city and discover thousands of ancient texts from around the world, rare books kept behind locked glass cabinets written by Masters as well as books available to read on premises. The American Society for Psychical Research on Central Park West is one.

 5. Do you see an increased acceptance of spiritual practices and experiences that outside the Judeo-Christian spectrum?

There most definitely is an increase in acceptance of spirituality that goes beyond religious views.  I have watched the expansion of this awareness through the years and it is a beautiful thing to behold.

 6. In your book SONG OF THE HEART: Walking the Path of Light, you write about “Unity Consciousness.” Can you explain what means?

 Unity Consciousness:  A blending of every unique soul awareness in such a way that through the mind all is accessible.  Every thought that anyone has is immediately available to be picked up by the consciousness of any other soul whose mind is in alignment with such a thought.  In this way, through resonance,  new paradigms are birthed. In this way humanity advances. And in this way humanity can also choose war and conflict. I teach people to learn to discipline their thoughts.  There is a whole lot to say on this subject.  Read Chapter One in Part Two, The Structure of All That Is.

7. Can you speak to the emotional and psychological issues that keep people from expressing their soul’s potential?

 Expressing one’s soul’s potential is the greatest challenge that we face. The soul consciousness knows our full potential, the reason for which we came.  However, we are born into forgetting and further, cultural indoctrination begins from the very first day when our parents begin to fill us up with their sorrows, frustrations and dreams for us. This is referred to as building the ego which is everything put into us that isn’t ours. Once this is understood it can be easily seen that the soul’s purpose has been clouded psychologically and emotionally by ancestral sorrows, regrets, revenge and every hurt our parents and grandparents and even our great-grandparents suffered as retold through family lore.  We are laden with guilt and biases.

How to break through all this heaviness is the gift being bestowed on us at this time by the New Age or as Kabbalah teaches as written in the Zohar, the Orishon, the great enlightenment available now. We have now many paths to find our true authentic selves.  Finding one’s true authentic self is entirely possible at this time. It is one of my prime teachings and healings.  Each one must do the work on their own behalf as I myself have done and continue to do.  As they say, when the student is ready the teacher shall appear.  The teacher comes in many forms.  Through books written for every level of spiritual understanding, through films, through attending meetings, meeting individuals who become your guides on Earth.  When and where and how the process shall begin is a personal decision made through a synergy of heart and mind.

Once a person places their feet on the path of Light, all awareness begins to manifest. Emotional blocks and psychological blocks begin to clear, the fog of illusion begins to lift, and inner wisdom begins to shine through just like the sun after the storm. This is the joy of being here at this time. There can be transient suffering as we uncover layers of buried pain we discover on our path, but also potential for the most profound illumination and healing ever available to humanity.

8. What is your definition of happiness?

 Happiness as defined by material acquisition is fleeting and not to be depended upon.  Identifying one’s soul purpose, setting a course to fulfill that purpose and pursuing it with all one’s heart – this is the way to find true happiness.  Fulfillment is happiness.

9. You talk about grief, loss and human failing in this book. Do you find that difficult moments, or even suffering, help you feel more in tune with the spiritual, or less?

It is possible for humanity to learn through joy just as well as through suffering.  Humanity has chosen to learn through suffering.  After the establishment of a more enlightened human culture, Peace on Earth, humanity shall choose to learn through joy. Until we get there it’s ingrained in the collective consciousness that through suffering we learn our lessons best and so we continue to collectively manifest suffering or allow ourselves to be led toward suffering. The paradigm is shifting.  New shoots are emerging even here in competitive NYC. People are planning and establishing communities based on principles of sharing and mutual concern.  This will lead to learning through peace and joy.

 10. What one area of brokenness in your life is currently bringing forth more and more transformation?

My recent diagnosis of thyroid cancer answers this question. It’s almost a fated thing. I was born with a tumor on my larynx which nearly suffocated me. It was removed as emergency surgery in the middle of the night when I was 4. I was shy in school and although I had lots of questions I rarely spoke up. At home I was eclipsed by my older brilliant brother who excelled in everything and made our parents proud. I married a man who was not inclined to hear me when I spoke and neither were his parents. At 40 I fell down an entire flight of stairs on my back and neck, suffered a concussion and injured the discs directly opposite my thyroid which can be seen on X-ray. Although, as an observer, I knew things the people around me didn’t seem to know and saw into the future, far and near, no one would listen or heed my advice. These elements created energetic blockages in my thyroid. Thyroid cancer has brought me to this moment of profound awareness to learn what I teach and that is to love ourselves. As I work out these issues and learn how to heal them the blockages that caused the cancer will be cleared of some of my deepest life wounds and in so doing will clear the imprint of this illness from  the energy fields of my descendants.  In this way, with awareness, determination and discipline of the mind, we can uplift ourselves and our loved ones.  This then ripples out to uplift all who come into our lives.  Our story changes, our energy becomes more balanced.  This is the future of mankind.SONG OF

11. How does SONG OF HEART: Walking the Path of Light explore soul and spirit?

Discussion of soul and spirit is clear from the intro on throughout the book. It depends on the attitude one brings to the reading.  Song of the Heart, for optimum benefit of spiritual awareness,  should be approached with a desire to discover these insights. If a reader chooses to read superficially with a linear approach these spiritual insights might be glossed over as the story itself can hold a reader’s interest.  In Part 1 I explore  soul and spirit as it is entwined in daily life experience.    Part 2  was intended to be a spiritually focussed work filled with many esoteric experiences and teachings to satisfy any spiritual seeker. These experiences and teachings evolved from the awarenesses described in Part 1.

12. Are you working on any more books?

I am not presently working on any other writing projects.  I do have an unpublished manuscript entitled, “SARA, sara”, the story of a holocaust survivor and her husband, an underground fighter.  I spent a year or more interviewing Sara and Ernest at their business, transcribed the tapes into a large looseleaf notebook and then wrote the book, 120 pages.

When the Nazis marched into her peaceful town in Czechoslovakia Sara, age 11,  was ordered from her home along with her large extended family and all the Jews of the town.  The sole survivor of her family Sara survived concentration camps and all manner of horrors in very bad condition but still alive.

Erno had left his small village home in Hungary where his father was a prominent citizen, to live with relatives in a larger city when war broke out.  He was studying for his Bar Mitzvah at the time.  All the boys of his age as well as older teenagers were conscripted into a dangerous underground training program. Erno was captured and escaped several times. He saved innumerable lives.

Sara and Erno met in a refugee camp in Europe where Erno was a young leader; Sara, a very sick refugee, barely made it through the gates. Through many trials and tribulations they arrived in Israel where Erno was welcomed with honors as a hero. At Sara’s insistence they soon moved to the United States where they went on to live a good successful life.   Except that Sara’s inner turmoil and suffering never abated.